Crochet: Lace Bead Charm {Guest Tutor}

Cellphone Charm With Crochet Covered Bead

I love jewelry making and always admired how beautiful the piece came out when the beads are put together.

Today, I have Johanna Of Tuuma & Toimi to be the guest tutor for Craft Passion. She is showing how to cover a bead with a crochet lace and make it into cellphone charm!!! Beautiful and simply a great idea!!!

If you go to her blog, you will find some beautiful crafts she made… especially this and this. It is in Finnish but some of the posts are in English. If you love good food, you will also find some yummy delicious recipes in Tuuma & Toimi too.

This tutorial really inspired me, I have an idea to make something nice for my neck. Stay tuned!!! Mean while, let’s learn from Johanna how to make this simple yet elegant crochet bead’s cellphone charm.


Guest Tutor: Johanna of Tuuma & Toimi

I’m a fairly fresh blogger living in Finland. I’ve been a crafter all my life and I’m interested in various craft techniques. Making all sorts of tutorials is very familiar to me as I work as a craft teacher in secondary school. After school hours I still have fascination for my own craft projects of all sorts as it keeps me up to date with all cool things submerging continuously from various sources, especially in the web.

I got myself a new mobile phone and wanted to make a new charm for it, too. The new phone has a metal case and my old charm was made of plastic. It made a nasty clattering sound when hitting the phone case, so the new charm had to be softer.

This charm I came up with has a large bead covered with crocheted net where the bead underneath is still visible. You can vary the bead style with the bead finish and yarn color. If you attach a lobster clasp to it, you can easily unfasten it and replace it with another charm. Or why not use it as a pendant in a cord.

Materials and tools:
• Bead ∅ 15 – 16 mm (wooden or pearl bead)
• Pearl cotton size 8
• Crochet hook 1.25 (UK) / 8 (USA)
• Needle to weave in the tails
• Cellphone strap
• Eyepin 50 mm
• Small bead, silver plated ∅ 4 mm, 2 pcs
• Jump ring, silver plated ∅ 7 mm
• Lobster clasp, silver plated 12 mm (optional)
• Round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and side cutter

• ch = chain
• sc = single crochet
• sl st = slip stitch
• * – * = repeat what’s inside stars
• fo = fasten off

Pattern & Directions:
Start with crocheting a net on the bead. Try to make the stitches fairly snug.
Rnd 1: beg sl knot, ch 2, sc 6 in the 2nd ch from the hook, sl st in the 1st sc

Rnd 2: *ch 4, sc in sc* 6 times alltogether (makes 6 ch loops), sl st in the 1st sc, sc 2 in the 1st loop

Rnd 3: *ch 5, sc in the middle of the loop* 6 times, sl st in the 1st sc, sc 3 in the 1st loop
Rnd 4: work as rnd 3
Rnd 5: work as rnd 3
Rnd 6: *ch 4, sc in the middle of the loop*, 6 times, sl in the 1st sc

Slip the bead inside the net and continue to crochet.
Rnd 7: *ch in the middle of the loop* 6 times, sl st in the 1st ch and fo. Cut the thread leaving a tail and weave in both tails.

Slide a small silverbead, crochet covered bead an another silverbead on the eyepin.
Using round nose pliers bend a loop at the end of the eyepin and twist a bit round the pin. Cut the remnant pin with side cutter. Attach jump ring and clasp to the loop with the help of flat nose pliers. Now you can fasten the pendant to the cellphone strap and change another charm to the strap when ever you like.

If you feel crocheting in so small scale as this is too challenging for you, choose a larger wooden bead and a bit thicker yarn to work with and make a keyholder or a pendant for leather band.

Here is the pdf-tutorial for this project if you wish to download.

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  1. Ooh pretty! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  2. You have such beautiful, clever design. I love this and especialy the flower petals. I haven’t crotchet(ed) in many years, I tried the other day, the chain stitch was simple but I forgot how to do the other stitches, do you have a tutorial on how to do each of the stitches, you could name it “crotchet for Dummies” LOL if not, I love your site whenever I need something I turn to you.

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I am interested in crafts, like beads, jewellery, quilt and crochet.
    You are so fantastic, love your webpage and all the things you shared there, thanks for your generosity, keep it up.


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