Recipe: Chunky Mashed Potatoes

Chunky Mashed Potatoes With Baked Beans

Chunky Mashed Potatoes With Baked Beans

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Potatoes has been one of my favorite ingredients when cooking for kids and family. Though rice is our major carbohydrate intake of every day’s meal, but I find I love potatoes more than rice. Not only that I like the taste and texture of the potatoes, it is easy to prepare and has a wholesome goodness in it.

Husband and I usually cook chunky mashed potatoes for breakfast during some lazy weekends [get the recipes below]. One of our favorite potato dishes for breakfast is chunky mashed potatoes with baked beans. In order to make the breakfast more appealing to the kids, hubby would help to decorate the plate to make faces, with chunky mashed potatoes, shredded vegetables, sausage and fruits. They usually polish off the plate very fast and will ask for second serving with other facial expression.

mashed potatoes for the breakfast

Recipe: Chunky Mashed Potatoes

Serves: 4
Prepare time: 30 minutes

Russet or Yukon Potatoes – 4 medium size
Butter – 3 to 4 tablespoon
Milk (optional)
Black Paper – freshly ground
Salt – 1 teaspoon for unsalted butter, a pinch for salted butter
Chives – chopped or sliced

chunky mashed potatoes with butter


  • Wash and peel off the skin of the potatoes and cut them into cube.
  • Put the potatoes in a pot and fill with cold water to cover the potatoes.
  • Boil the potatoes with high heat then turn to medium heat and cover the pot with lid, shimmer for another 15 to 20 minutes. Stick a toothpick or fork into the potatoes to check if they are done. Slightly over-cook will make the mashing easier. Bigger cube and Yukon potatoes might need slight longer cooking time.
  • While waiting for the potatoes to cook, take the butter out from the fridge and let it soften under room temperature.
  • Drain the potatoes when it is ready.
  • Add butter on the warm potatoes and mashed it with fork.
  • Add milk if you prefer smoother & creamier texture.
  • Add salt, ground black pepper to taste.
  • Garnish with chives and serve while it is still warm.
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  1. Wow! So cute! You are such a “talented” Mommy….

  2. ah! Love baked beans! reminds me of baked beans for breakfast in england!

  3. Just made this for my mom & baby sister. They love it! ^^

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