Giveaway: Pear Purse Sewing Kit {CLOSED}

ball clasp frame pear purse
[This giveaway is now closed]

To beat the drum in celebrating 4000 fans breakthrough in Craft Passion’s Facebook Page, I am giving away 8 pear purse sewing kits to 8 lucky winners!!!!

These 8 pear purses come in 2 designs: Mic-O-Pear and Mod-O-Pear, each design comes in four seasons color theme, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Each winner will receive a sewing kit based on the winning position. First 4 winners will receive the Mic-O-Pear design in the order of the four seasons. Winners 5 – 8 will receive Mod-O-Pear design in the same sequence.

frame pear purse in mod style

four season pear purse

The Pear Purse Sewing Kit consists of:

  1. Ball Clasp closure frame (8.5 cm width)
  2. Main fabric
  3. Coordinating fabric
  4. Lining fabric
  5. Iron-on batting
  6. Short length of cotton cord (as the pear stem)
  7. Pre-traced pattern on the fabrics and batting
  8. Sewing instruction

pear purse sewing kit

How to enter

Just leave a comment to enter this giveaway. 1 comment 1 entry.
To increase your probability of winning, you may leave a comment everyday (1 comment per day) here and in Craft Passion’s Facebook page. Do remember to “Like” the fan page if you haven’t done so.

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The Closing Date

The closing date for this giveaway draw is:

11:59pm PST October 07 2011

After the closing, I will randomly draw 8 winners and will announce it on October 08 2011.

Other Terms and Conditions (Please read)

* This contest is open to all readers, any part of the world.

* Please enter a valid email so that I can contact you immediately without any delay for the mailing address. If I haven’t heard from you 3 days after the announcement date, I will re-pick another winner. So, please check your email and/or here for the announcement.

* Prize will be shipped out as soon as possible by surface mail to the winner upon confirmation of his/her mailing address (no PO Box mailing, please).

* Feel free to spread the word to your friends and families – the more the merrier! After all, giveaway is fun!


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