Stuffed Elephant Pattern

Stuffed Elephant Doll Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern: Download pattern here.

Make: 1
Material indicated for small elephant is in bracket [ ]
1. Fabric (stripes), 8″ x 18″ [4″ x 9″]
2. Fabric (orange), 6″ x 10″ [3″ x 5″].
3. Ribbon, 4″ [4″]
4. Embroidery Floss (grey)
5. Poly-fill stuffing material
6. Silica gel beads or plastic beads (optional)
7. Letter size paper, 3

1. Sewing machine
2. Sewing needle and pins
3. Scissors
4. Erasable fabric marker
5. Printer

Seam Allowance: 1/4″

Finished Dimension: 6 1/2″ (W) x 6″ (H) x 4 1/2″ (D) [3 1/4″ (W) x 3″ (H) x 2 1/4″ (D)]

Download the Happy Elephant Family Sewing Pattern pdf document and print it out with your printer in letter size papers (3 pages).
Get ready all the tools and materials.
I am using Robert Kaufman’s “Chick-a-dee Chick-a-doo” 9 fat quarter bundle, just in case you would like to know.

Trace pattern on the wrong side of the fabrics with pencil or erasable fabric marker.
Cut them out with 1/4″ seam allowance or larger.

sew elephant earSew ears with wrong side facing each other; a piece of stripe fabric matches with a piece of plain orange fabric.
Optional: trim 1/4″ seam allowance from the sewing line to neaten the raw edges.
You can either cut the seam allowance with pinking shear, or, with scissor then clip curve accordingly to provide smooth curvature.
Turn right-side out and smooth out the seam.
Fold the 2 sides of the ears inward to match the width of the ear markings on the body. Pin or make a few stitches to secure the fold.

Sandwich the ear with the 2-part body pattern. Align the ear within the ear markings on the body. Sew.
Press seam to side and make the ear pointing to the tail side of the elephant.

embroidery facial featuresAlign the paper pattern on the right side of the elephant, trace the facial feature on it with erasable fabric marker.
Embroidery the lines with back stitches or branch stitches.
An easy way to do the tracing is by slitting the lines on the paper pattern with sharp object, craft knife or pen tip, to create “holes” for the fabric pen to go through and mark on the fabric according to the line.

Embellish the nose with a heart shaped felt if you wish.

Fold the ribbon into halve and sew to the tail marking.

sew bodyRepeat the other side except attaching the ribbon to the tail.
Place both layers with right side facing each other, align, pin and sew from A to B marking.
Remember to leave an opening for turning right side out in the later stage.

Align base piece to the limbs of the elephant, sew around.
Trim seam allowance to 1/4″ wide with pinking shear or scissors. Clip curve and pay particular attention to the concave curves.

Turn the elephant right side out from the opening and smooth out the seam and curve.

Stuff the elephant with poly-fill. Begin with the trunk/nose then the whole body.

Stuff firmly. You may add silica gel beads or plastic beads to the bottom of the elephant to weight it down.

Close the opening with ladder or slip stitch.

elephant sewing patternGive the elephant doll a gentle massage to even out the filling and shape it accordingly.

elephant toySew a few more to build a happy family.

The Elephant Family sewing pattern

{More photos and story on Page 1.}

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  1. As always… Thank you for your beautiful detailed patterns!

  2. That is just so CUTE!!! I want to make a whole bunch of them! I love elephants! If they were small as a dog I’d have real ones lol Thank you for the tutorial!

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  4. They are “sew” cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. “Sew” cute.

  6. I love the elephant family. I have no sewing abilities at all. Could I order an elephant family from you?

  7. Adorei seus elefantes!
    Obrigada por compartilhar.

    Translation (by Google):
    I loved his elephants!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What an adorable family! Well done!

  9. merci beaucoup pour ce tuto est les modèles !!!bonne soirée

    Translation (by Google):
    thank you very much for this tutorial is models! good evening

  10. I love your creations. These elephants are adorable! You are also sweet to share the love of your family& how hard your dad works! Society has lost the family value & fact that man is head of hpusehold & woman is mother, chef, laundry, cleaning & ment to stay home & care for the family. I stay home & love caring for my husband & our home. God Bless you for sharing your creative talents & love of family!

  11. Great tutorial! You’ve been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

    We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.

    Grab a brag button!

  12. thank you …theese are sew sew cute…I love them , I plan on making a whack of them for Christmas stockings this year …thanks

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  14. Thank you very much! It’s very cute and the patern and instruction is very clear 🙂 i’ve made them by hand and it’s in that way a fun thing to do

  15. Hi, I tried making this but was unable to figure out how to attach the base to the limbs. Otherwise tutorial is great.

  16. I absolutely adore these elephants. I made a family of three (Mommy, Daddy and baby) for my newest nephew. I added a rattle and a squeaker to two of them. They turned out so cute!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful sewing pattern and tutorial. It was very well done and easy to follow.

  17. I used this pattern. Took me two days to make one elephant. It didnt come out as good as yours but I’m happy with it. It’s my pun cushion :). Thanks for sharing your pattern with us!! Maybe the next elephant I do will be a lot better.

  18. Menina, você é muito inteligente!!! estão lindos os bichinhos, parabéns, obrigada por ensinar como fazê-los, moro em Brasília, Capital do Brasil, meu nome é Lu Raposo, abraços Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo cheio de paz e amor.

    Translate (by Google):
    Girl, you’re so smart!! the animals are beautiful, congratulations, thank you for teaching how to make them, I live in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, my name is Lu Raposo, hugs Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and love.

  19. so nice..i stitched it already 🙂 thank u so much

  20. Bonsoir ,je trouve la compagnies des éléphants très jolis ,mais je n’arrive pas à télécharger ,je n’ai que les explications ,mais je voudrais les gabarits .peut être que c’est parce que j’ai un Mac ,si vous avez une solution ,je vous remercie de me la dire .bonne continuation ,amicalement Cathy

    Translation (by Google):
    Hi, I found the companies very pretty elephant, but I can not download, I have that explanation, but I would like the templates. Maybe it’s because I have a Mac, if you have a solution, thank you for saying it. good luck, friendly Cathy

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  22. Bellos estos elefantitos…seguro le van a encantar a mis sobrinos. Besos y gracias!

    Translation (by Google):
    Bellos these elephants … sure you’ll love my nephews. Kisses and thanks!

  23. I’m in love with this elephant family plushie! I featured it in my blog: Thanks for sharing!

  24. do you have a pattern for a plush stand up donkey?
    I want to make some for our local donkey sanctuary
    many thanks

  25. merci pour ce tuto qui fera le plaisir de mes
    arrières petites filles, ainsi que pour tous les autres
    tutoriels les uns plus beaux que les autres
    bonne journée

    Translation (By google):
    thank you for this tutorial that will please my
    Rear girls, as well as for all other
    each more beautiful than the other tutorials
    good day

  26. Love these little elephants! I make craft items for our church relief sale ( May I make these for sale there? All proceeds go for charity projects. Thanks for sharing.

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