Christmas Tree Ornaments

make chsitmas tree ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament

To make: 1 (multiply the quantity with the numbers of tree you would like to make)

1. Styrofoam cone, mini size
2. Yarn or twine
3. Felt
4. Mini Pom Pom
5. Jingle bell
6. Sequin

1. All purpose adhesive, clear
2. Tapestry needle
3. Scissors
4. Tweezers
5. Pen

material to make christmas treeGather all the tools and materials to make this small Christmas tree ornament.
Trace the cone base on the wrong side of the yarn with pen or marker, cut out a circle.

yarn wrap styrofoamSqueeze some all-purpose-adhesive to the styrofoam cone, starting for the bottom and move upwards, part by part.
The brand of all-purpose adhesive I am using is Glue Sticks UHU ALL Purpose Adhesive, it is clear in color, super tacky and dry pretty fast too.
Wrap the cone with yarn or twine close enough to hide away the styrofoam surface. I used white linen yarn for this tutorial.

When reaching the tip of the cone, cut the yarn away and hide the end on the tip with a small dot of glue.
Set it aside for drying, a few minutes will do, depends on the type of glue you are using.

jinggle bellFold the circle to 1/4 circle, mark the center point of the circle.
Punch 2 small holes near to the center by using tapestry needle.
Cut a short length of yarn, tie a jingle bell.
Insert the ends into the holes with tapestry needle.

Glue the ends to the wrong side of the felt circle.

Glue the felt base and the jingle bell to the base of the Christmas tree cone.

pom pom hang stringInsert a short length yarn through the mini pom pom and tie to make the hanging string for the Christmas tree.

Glue it on the tip of the cone. Hold it for a while until it is securely adhered.
This is the bare Christmas tree before embellishment. Depend how you want to embellish it, I made 4 different designs here for you reference.

sequin Took out some sequins from the sequin garland.

Glue a strip of sequin at the bottom of the tree.

Glue each sequin on the tree with the help of tweezers to complete the Christmas tree.

This is blue linen yarn with blue sequin.

Green linen yarn with pearl white sequin.

This is jute twine with heart paper garland sticker.

yarn wrap christmas tree

{More photos and story on Page 1.}

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  1. I like it….Dear Joanne this ornament is a new idea.
    I can make it whit my child (6 y.o.)
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

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  3. Joanne I love the things you make so simple & easy to do,just few crafter’s do this they try but need little work on.. lol no names because I like all blogs,Thank’s Hope you & your family Have a Merry Christmas & hope 2013 is better year for America..Thank’s…

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