Origami Cranes

origami crane

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. If there is only one wish I can make, I will pray for the returning of MH370, the recent missing flight that are supposed to reach Beijing on March 8 2014.

I am asking you please help to fold the origami cranes together, the more origami cranes we made the stronger our wish will come true, let’s pray for MH370! Here is the video tutorial Jenny helped me to film. Jenny made the video immediately after I told her that I need a good video to show the steps. Thank you, Jenny!

Over the day, I have been following through the updates of MH370. As long as we find no sign of crashing and wreckage, we still have hope that the passengers and crew members are still safe and alive. We are begging you all to come back, PLEASE COME BACK!!!

Origami Cranes

If you prefer a diagram on the folding method, here is a good one from Origami Club.


origami crane

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  1. merci c est splendide

    Translate (by Google):
    thank you c is beautiful

  2. YES!!! I’ve made the same type of cranes for the victims of MH17 and placed them at the Schiphol airport but I chained them like the thousand cranes where you can see it at Hiroshima peace memorial. Let the cranes bring these unfortunate one to heaven.

  3. Beautiful art, MeeLian my prayers they have.
    Thank you for sharing this. Peace

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