Sock Bunny – Lop Eared

Sock Lop Eared Bunny

Sock Lop Eared Bunny

Name: Lilac

Difficulty: Intermediate / Avid Beginner
Finished size: approximately 7″ (W) x 14″ (H)

Make: 1
1. Sock (crew length), colored, 1 pair
2. Sock (ankle length), matching or contrasting color, 1
3. Safety eye 5/8″ [15mm], black, 2; or button; or felt
4. Poly-fill stuffing material
5. Embroidery floss, maroon pink
6. Sewing threads (matching colors)
7. Ribbon, 2 ft

1. Sewing machine (optional, you can hand-sew without machine)
2. Sewing needle (prefer long, about 2″) and pins
3. Erasable fabric marker
4. Scissors
5. Blunt point tweezers

Seam Allowance: approx. 1/8 – 1/4″ (thinner sock material need to have bigger seam allowance as the loose knit can be ripped off easily.)

In order to make different sizes of sock bunnies, you may use different sizes of socks, ie, baby socks, toddler sock,, ladies sock etc….
Since the sock is stretched after stuffed, thick sock yields better quality than thin sock.

Update May 2015:
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sock to sew bunnyGather all the necessary tools and materials as listed above.
I used a pair of crew length grey-lilac woolen sock and a single ankle length matching purple cotton sock.
The ankle sock is slightly smaller than the crew length sock, but it is fine as long as it is not bigger.

cut hem apartCut or rip open the hem seams with scissors or seam ripper if your main socks have folded hems.

draft sew cutTurn your socks wrong side out, press flat as shown in picture.
If your sock has pattern like stripes or lines, match both layers and pin them together.
Cut out the heel part from one of the socks, then split it into 2, as shown in the picture (left sock).
Sketch the pattern of legs and arms on both socks.
Sew on the lines and cut. You need to cut a little longer into the heel between the legs. That extra cut will become the opening for the turning and the stuffing.

sock bunny eara.) To sew the long lop ears for the sock bunny, get the foot piece of both main and matching socks.
b.) Align and press flat on side. Cut into 2 pieces each.
c.) Sketch a tear drop shape on the wrong side of the main sock, with about 1″ opening on the top. Pin the matching sock with it with right side facing each other. You will need to stretch the matching sock a little if the size if smaller.
d.) Sew on the sketch lines and cut. Turn right side out. You will find that the ear pieces will curve in to the smaller matching sock.

assemblya.) Turn all pieces right side out. If the opening in between the legs are too small, snip a little to make it bigger so that your thumb can go in. Don’t cut too big because the material the stretchy, a little cut will make a lot bigger opening.
b.) Stuff the head rounder, then body and legs. Stuff the arms too. Give them some massage to release the lumps and unevenness of the poly fiber.
c.) Sew the opening between the legs with slip or ladder stitch, don’t pull the thread yet until you have finished sew to the end. This is to make the stitches straighter and neater.
d.) Push the raw edges in and pull the thread to close the opening. Knot the thread and hide it in the body.

armsa.) Turn the raw edges of the arms in and sew up the opening.
b.) Position the arms on the body (slightly below the head) and pin.
c.) Slip stitch around to attach the arms to the body.
d.) Repeat the same to the other arm.

taila.) Trim the heel part of the sock to an ellipse shape. Sew running stitch along the raw edge. Pull half way and stuff.
b.) Pull the thread tight and knot.
c.) Pin and sew the tail to the back of the body.

ear positionPosition and sew the ears to the head, make a few stitches to the side of the ears so that they stay closer to the head.

pick stitchIf you want the ears to look flat, sew around the ear with pick stitch (about 1/4″ from the edge) to bring the 2 layers together.

nosea.) Cut a small piece from the scrap of the matching sock, about 1″ x 1/2″ to make the nose. Trim it to ellipse shape.
b.) Sew running stitch around.
c.) Pull the thread and push the raw edges in with blunt tweezers to gather the sock into a small ball.
d.) Sew a few stitches to bring the little nose into shape.

bunny faceMark the eyes, nose and philtrum of the mouth with erasable fabric marker.
Sew nose onto the face.

eyesa.) Embroidery the philtrum with maroon pink floss, in branch stitches. knot the floss at the eyes marking so that the knots can be hidden away once the button eyes are sewn.
b.) Sew the button eye on the marking. Let the needle come out from the other eye’s marking.
c.) Sew another eye, pull the thread to make the eyes set in.
d.) Depend how deep you want the eyes to set in, pull the thread according. Knot and cut.

sock bunnyTie a ribbon on the neck and put up some blushers on the cheeks to complete the lop-eared sock bunny, Lilac.

Lilac, the sock bunny is resting in the garden. She was rewarded with a felt carrot after a day of hard work of Easter egg hunting. She is going to share this special carrot with her TLC loved ones.

sock bunny felt carrot
{More photos on this, click here.}

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  2. so cute. love your tut.

  3. She is beautiful, I have to say ‘she’ because of her cute mouth! So talented, thank you so much for sharing the tutorial with us, my grandchildren are going to love her/him! God bless xxx

  4. I love the sock monkeys. I am sock monkey mad, family and friends love them too. Look forward to more ideas. X

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, am sure it will be much appreciated by those that I make it for.

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  8. oh dear, this bunny is totally cute!
    thanks for sharing your tutorial! i set a link and hope you agree.

    best wishes, doro von Hand zu Hand

  9. Oh my goodness toooooooooooo adorable for words! Honestly, I am not a sock animal person but YOUR sock animals are changing all that!!! Your sock animals are simply wonderful. And coming from this old sock animal crudgemugeon (no clue how to spell that) – you can take that as a huge compliment!!!

  10. Hi, Your sock animals are excellent, I am a complete beginner when it comes to sewing and i am currently attempting make lilac, I’ve had a few hick ups, I was hoping you might be able to provide some tips on the best way to sew the tail and nose on.. I’ll really appreciate any tips you can give like I said I am a complete beginner

    Thank you in advance :o)


  11. This is awesome. You should sell these.

  12. We made two sock bunnies and it’s adorable!!

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  14. These are simply adorable! Can’t wait to make one!

  15. Love this! I didn’t see the link to the pattern. Did I just miss it on the page?

  16. I love this bunny but have search all over for the socks. What I have found had the print on the top of foot. Any suggestions?

  17. Hi Joanne, just found your site and am loving it! All of your sock creations are awesome. I am going to try this one ASAP for my granddaughter. Your eggs make this the perfect Easter gift. I am truly grateful there are creative sites like yours and you offer it all freely. Thank you-thank you for all the lovelies you share. I will be back time and time again. Penny=)

  18. How cute. Have made the monkeys but like this better. Would like to see a sock cat as I am a cat lover.

  19. hola Estoy en Argentina ; me gusto mucho este conejito y voy a seguir el paso a paso del tutorial para poder realizarlo …seguramente saldra divinoo Gracias !! Sandy

    Translation (by Google):
    hello I’m in Argentina; I really like this bunny and I will follow the step by step tutorial to do it … surely will leave divinoo Thanks !! Sandy

  20. I just made this and it came out sooo cute! My lil girl will love this!

  21. hello!
    I’m expecting my first child and while I’m bedridden, I decided to make a stuffed toy…I found your pattern and I managed to make bunny!!it took me few hours, but it was easy to follow. I used 2 mismatched socks and some minky for ears, but it still turned out adorable! thank you so much!

  22. Many thanks for the pattern ! je l’adore merci beaucoup, bonne journée !

  23. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about sock
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  26. I think you mean “ellipse” shape not “eclipse”.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have longed to find something easy enough that even I could do it, but special and precious enough for each of my 11 grand children – and this is going to be just it! And because I am on a very limited fixed income – affordable as well. I am quite sure that I can get ALL of the items to make these except maybe the filling, at the Dollar Tree. I am one very happy grandma right now. Thanking you again, most sincerely!

    • Thank you Juanita. I am one happy craft designer after reading your comment. I am sure your grandkids will be very happy to receive the sock bunny for they beloved Grandma 🙂
      Happy sewing!

  28. A friend wants me to make this bunny for her twin daughters, but wants the color socks in your picture. I’ve searched the Internet for grey/lilac argyle socks and no luck. Could you please direct me to where I could find them, where you got them. Thanks. Can’t wait to make them, they are so adorable.

  29. This bunny is precious. Thank you for such a detailed and well-illustrated tutorial. I’m not much of a seamstress, but I’m most of the way through making this bunny already. You are absolutely the best! I can only hope my bunny comes out as darling as yours has.

  30. Thank you! Your bunny Is precious! God bless you darling!!

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