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Craft Passion is a craft website with hundreds of free patterns & tutorials covering sewing, crochet, knitting, beading, paper crafts and more. The site also offers many tutorials on how to recycle unwanted materials into a useful handmade. All patterns and tutorials in Craft Passion come in full details with step-by-step photos which are easy to follow.

Started in late 2008, Craft Passion has been growing rapidly and gaining popularity and recognition and is now one of the biggest independent patterns & tutorials site on the internet.

Currently, Craft Passion accepts advertisements, affiliate programs, guest tutors posts, giveaway contributors and product reviews. If you’re interested, please fill out the contact form.

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Craft Passion is authored by Joanne.L, who holds a MSc. in Engineering Business Management and together with her husband, own and run an engineering company. Joanne spends most of her work-free time taking care of her 2 kids while developing patterns and tutorial for Craft Passion. Her passion in sharing crafts and positive feedbacks from readers motivate her to up her game in creating craft.

When Joanne is not crafting at home or working in the office, she sources materials online or on the ground and streets. She is constantly looking for inspiration from the latest trends and fashion and finding ways to turn them into work for her craft. If she’s in front of her computer, she is editing and compiling her tutorials and patterns to be shared in Craft Passion. Occasionally, Joanne cooks for her family and share some family recipes there.

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  1. Aloha Joanne! What a beautiful website with wonderful ideas! I happen to come across your site as I was looking for patterns to sew cute shorts for my daughter as she enters Kindergarten this year. I am inspired by your ideas! Mahalo from Hawaii!

  2. Hi Joanne! I have fallen in love with your website. I was looking for a purse pattern for my grand-daughters birthday when I came across your site. Needless to say, I didn’t stop at purses. There is so much to see and learn. I appreciate all the time spent in the details, photography, and writing. Thank you for sharing with the world!

  3. I did a post on my blog using your pattern for giant doily rug, only I diminished it. Maybe you would like to see it, even perhaps link or use my photo to add to yours. Anyway, love your blog and hope you will visit mine. Your pattern is properly linked to you.

    • Hi Boocoos,
      I just take a quick tour to your blog and found the giant doily you have made, it is very neat and nice. Great job done, Boo!!!
      Normally, if you put a link to my website, my system can catch it and link it back to you, perhaps the system is a little lazy that it missed out this one.
      Will link your doily on our Facebook Page so other fans can see your work.
      Thanks for showing us your work!!!

  4. Hi, i want to give you congratulations for your page and the new “face” it is so preaty and easy to follow.

  5. Hello Joanne!
    I just love your website so much. You are immensely talented and i am very much inspired by you. I think i am in love with your crafts:-).
    Happy crafting & Keep sharing!

  6. Dear Joanne,

    Checked your website after reading about you in The Star. This is a fabulous website and congrats to you for making it so good, visually appealing as well as great food for eager twitching crafty fingers!
    I really want to know something, how did you started? I mean did you know at the begining how to create web pages, design and host a website and manage it? Or you hired or sought help from someone to do it for you? Your website design is clean and has smooth navigation. How do you manage that? Please if you can share some insight on putting up your website?

    • Hi Arpita, Thanks for checking-in and welcome to Craft Passion. I started from a simple platform, blogspot, where I used a standard theme to blog for a few month. Later, I graduated to wordpress platform and I started to learn html and php things. Not easy though, perhaps with my engineering and technical basic, I self-learned and catch-up fast. A while later, my basic layout needs an upgrade and that’s where I need to hire a developer to custom design my blog layout to let it perform as I like it to be.

  7. dear MS Joanne,
    i had read about you in the star. and thank you for you very good info in your website.

  8. Dear Joanne
    Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I just saw your page in The Star this morning and was so excited. I am always looking for practical and easy craft ideas and just reading about the steps to assemble your owl was very clear and easy to follow. So I shall copy the template to make it.
    I am also involve in a Ladies Fellowship Group in Melbourne for over 26 years and we are always looking for craft ideas for Easter and our Christmas break up.
    So , a big THANK YOU Joanne for generously sharing your skill and ideas.
    Thanks for being a blessing to me.

    • Hi Jessie, I am happy that The Star helps to connect Craft Passion to you all. Please feel free to make anything from here. It is a blessing to me that I have this precious opportunity to meet more local readers and visitors through this platform.

  9. Dear Joanne,
    I read about you in the Star and absolutely love your website. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your ideas, tips and tricks. I cant wait to get started on some of the projects. Can you please tell me where you get your supply of yarn from? If online can I have the link. Thanks again.

  10. Hi Joanne,

    I stumbled upon your article in The Star last week and started to check out your website. And WOW!!!! What a great site with so many interesting homemade handicraft that anyone can start to do at home when they are free! FYI, I am a full time homemaker with 3 young kids. I know how to crochet since I was in primary school (I joined the Kelab Jahitan then … hehehe) and I learned how to knit from my grandma when I was studying in college. But sadly, I have forgotten all about these skills when I came out to work.
    However, after got ‘hooked’ to all your amazing your works, I dig out my hooks and needles again. And I really hope I can do something for my kids soon.
    Anyway, just to let you know, you have a very nice home and keep up the good work. And I better start go shopping for some yarns! Hahaha … have a nice day!

  11. Hi Joanne,

    We would like to call you to do a talk at UOB Malaysia in Dec. Please say you can :) as I’m sure that our staff would love to join this talk and also that is because you have lots to share for Christmas!

    Looking forward for your reply. You may contact me at 03-9221 1366.

    thank You so much!

  12. I am addicted to your blog! Admire your talentstalents and treasure the inspiration you deliver. My jaw dropped when viewing your pic of autumn mooncake ice cream shell. Please please do a tutorial! I’d like to practice for next year!


  14. Hi Joanne…
    Found your website is like finding a gold. It is really good and beautiful blog.
    Would you share us, how to manage your time doing everything, crafting, working and house hold things..
    The pictures, the tutorial then uploading to your blog, sound take a long time. Is somebody help you to take the picture while you are doing that craft?

    Will follow you….


    • To be frank, I spent most of my time in crafting, photographing and preparing the tutorial post. I juggle between some easier-quick and time-consuming projects, so that I will not be running out of tutorial to write for a week or 2. While I work from home (with kids at school and daycare center), I will do my photography with natural day-light. When the sun sets, it is family time and I do steal part of the time to do my crafts too. Since we only have 24 hours a day, we need to plan well ahead and manage the time and project schedule well.

  15. Hi…your website inspiring me…wanna try the craft..tq so much

  16. I love your site and blog…. This is amazing stuff. Thank you so much Joanne for putting it all together. Love, love, love it!!!!

  17. Wow! and Wow! I never subscribe to craft pages because they rarely have something new to offer. I read them all the time and glean little tips to fine tune my skills. They usually work great for a new recipe or design but never and entirely new concept. The post from May 19th on how to make yarn out of old T-shirts is all new to me. The rag rugs sound fun to try and I have looked at many patterns for weaving and they all use short pieces of T-shirt material. I didn’t like the idea of cutting such small strips that have to be knotted then I found your post. Not only will it cut my cutting time in half by doing all the strips at once but you have a great method! Thank you Joanne!

  18. I ordered your Chrochet Straw Beach Bag tutorial and am not sure how much yarn to order? They are sold in yards and you give the instructions in grams. How much would 180 grams be in yards and how much would 60 grams be in yards? I love the look of the beach bag and can’t wait to make it. Also, where is a good place to order the rafia yarn from?
    Thank you.

  19. I love your art work, you are very talented and creative. I’m learning to crochet, but find it hard to get a nice and suitable yarn in the craft store in Klang. I follow the pattern but the final result seemed like very small, is it because of the size of the yarn that I used? Any recommendation where I can get nice yarn?

    I love your website, keep up the good work! will always support you. :)

    • Hi Bee Ling,
      Weight of yarn and hook size is very important to determine the stitches gauge, hence the size of the completed project. Which brand are you using for the project that you mentioned that it is too small?
      I am not familiar any yarn shop away from Penang, thus I can’t recommend which shop you, I am sorry about this.
      Thank you for the support and I will continue to share the best out here.

      • Hi Joanne,

        Thanks for replying. Any online website that has good quality of yarn/ hook with affordable price? And most importantly they can ship to Malaysia. :) Mind to recommend?

        The hook that I bought from the local store do not have brand, but there’s numbers printed on the hook -> 3/0 4/0 does it mean 3mm and 4mm? as the hook has 2 hooks on both end.

        Below are the details of the yarn that I purchased:
        Brand: Minlon
        Material: Acrylic 100%, weight 40g. the quality is not so good so I only bought a few.

        • The only online store I bought from is Lion Brand but they don’t ship to Malaysia. They ship to Singapore, Hong Kong etc but just don’t ship to Malaysia. I asked a friend to take them back.
          The hook you bought is in Japanese size, the 3/0 is not 3mm but it is 2.25mm, 4/0 is 2.5mm. For conversion of other sizes, you may check here.
          Minlon is local yarn and yes, the quality is not so good.

  20. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for the information. Really appreciate your swift response. :)

    Perhaps I could request my friend from SG to bring back to Malaysia. :)

  21. I hope I have found the correct place to make my competition entry blog comment, I am new to all of this….:-

    I would dearly love to win the competition, as I have two sons who need bedroom makeovers and the quilts and spreads I have bought them previously have been of a very poor quality, which means ..like you, I shall have to quilt them some love by hand…but my stash is in a very sad and lean state :-(

    • Hi Valerie,
      Sorry, this is not the correct place.
      Kindly choose the giveaways that you wish to join, many of them has already closed (with the word {CLOSED} on the title. Please follow the instruction of the individual giveaway for the chance of winning.

  22. I from Turkey I follow.You make things beautiful.

  23. I would like to know if there is a place I can purchase some sock bunnies?

    Thank you for any feed back.

  24. Hi.. do you currently offer classes in crochet? If you do, could you advice me the details pls (fees etc). Thank you.

    • Hi Ling, I don’t have in-person crochet class. You could learn from youtube, there are many great video on the basic technique. After you have learned the basic, you could do project from the pattern and tutorial from Craft Passion.
      Hope this help :)

  25. Regarding the Turtle pin cushion:

    I am trying to get access to download the pattern for the turtle but it does not allow me. Is there any other way to get the pattern?

    plus I tried to submit this message under your contact e mail but it will not allow me without a website although it says optional

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for letting me know about the contact form, it is a bug and I have it fixed.
      I am not sure why you can’t download the pattern as I have tested that it is doing fine. Anyway, I have emailed the pdf pattern to you via the email address you have typed in for this comment.

  26. Dear Joanne,
    Thanks so much for sharing such wunderful ideas on your website!
    When I have some freetime I always come to your blog for inspiration. Just recently made your African flower crochet purse. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/429249408206180187/ ^^
    Wish you and your family all the best!!

  27. hi joanne, love love love your creativity and blog here. you inspire me to start doing some craft work with my daughter. but first, teach me or share some tips on how to organise all the materials that is accumulated over time. i don’t want to clutter my workspace and is terrible at organising things. if u have a picture of how you store your stuffs in your craft room, that’ll be great!!

  28. Hi Joanne! Very happy to learn that a fellow Malaysian is behind Craft Passion! You are a very creative and talented person with a heart of gold too in being so generous with your gift. I’m so looking forward to try some of the projects here especially the sock toys. Btw, thanks for the head-up about the difficulty in getting good yarn back in Msia. I started knitting here in Melbourne and would be going back to Msia soon. I would hate to find out only then that I can’t source things as easily as here. Oh, also, I love the Spotlight here! :)

    • Hi Wai, thank you for dropping by fellow Malaysian!!! Thanks for your sweet compliments as well **Happy** :) Here is a good news for you, Spotlight is coming to KL this July, you will be able to get your favorite yarn easily again when you come back to Malaysia (I am also a big fan of Spotlight). :)

  29. Hello!

    I SO want to make your Sock Dragon and I have bought $$ worth of socks in an effort to find ones that will fit your pattern, to no avail. Bright colored women’s sock are most likely ankle socks, which won’t work with your pattern. And I cannot find any toddler socks even remotely like the ones in your pattern.

    Can you give me any hints as to where you bought those socks? I’ve tried several work-arounds, to no avail (and I am an experience sewer).

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hello Joanne,

    I just discovered Craft Passion. I have lived in Taiwan for almost two years and have found some craft stores on my own, but your site will really help me discover more places. I belong to Ravelry, a fiberarts website, which is mostly knitting, crochet, and spinning. I am interested in learning more about people who craft in Taiwan.

    Do you know of any way to find an English speaking tour that will visit artisans and crafts people in Taiwan? I’ve tried some of the tour companies, but haven’t found anyone who is able to put together a tour of this type. It doesn’t have to be only fiber arts, but should include that. I have thought about hiring a translator, but I think that might be very expensive for one person. It would also mean I would have to hire a car for most locations outside of Taipei. Any suggestions?

    I am also interested in starting a meet up group for crafters. I’ve been a part of these type of groups in other places, but Taiwan doesn’t seem to have one.

    Thanks for doing this website. I will be visiting here often.

  31. This is absolutely the best website I have come across. Thank you so much :)

  32. Hello Joanne, Do you have any colors listed for the African flower afghan. Love it, it is so pretty. Love your site, you do amazing work, very nice. Haave a great day

  33. Just found your blog & I love the patterns!

  34. I was lucky enough to come across this blog through Pinterest; I having been searching for sites and videos on how to correctly sew a zipper. I like how your site gives step by step pictures and pattern descriptions for your DIY projects. Do you happen to have one that just focuses on add zippers? I am new to sewing but did invest in a sewing machine and am anxious to start making clutch bags and someday clothes. If there is a video or site you can recommend that can help me learn how to sew zippers I think I could be on my way to learning other things.

  35. I was lucky enough to find your blog today. I saw you have done some craft material shopping in Penang. I moved to Penang recently and wanted to know where is the good place that I can buy yarn in Penang for crochet?

  36. Thanks for your wonderful web-site. I really like how you have everything set up! Looking forward to receiving your posts!

  37. Pingback:Spotlight Malaysia opens in Ikano Power Centre | The Sweet Spot

  38. Hi Joanne. What an absolutely gorgeous website you have here. I discovered it whilst searching for granny squares and have saved it to my desktop. I visit nearly everyday as whatever it is I’m looking to do more times than not I find it with YOU. This saves me valuable time unless of course I see something that I love of your work and once again I’m hooked lol. Please keep Craft Passion going Joanne as I’m sure it is not only me who loves your crafts and crochet and amigurumi and sewing and recipes and EVERYTHING

    • And just to continue from last post I want to thank you very very much for sharing all of your work with us. Loving it.

  39. Your lunch bag is adorable, but I noted that the seam allowance is 5/16th inch. I am not aware of any sewing machine or pattern that uses that measurement. Rulers made for sewing don’t even have 16th inch markings. Standard seam allowances are always either 1/4, 1/2, or 5/8 inches. How did you decide on such a non-standard size? I could probably adjust my serger to do it, but the markings on my Swiss sewing machine reflect European sizes, and there’s no 5/16th mark there, either. It isn’t important on the lunch bag, granted, and I will probably just make it at 1/4 inch, and I’ll also probably enlarge the pattern because this is so tiny. But it is really cute and I want it to hold my 3-piece bento box, but also be large enough to carry an ice pack and a cold drink. Thanks for the darling idea!

  40. The webpage won’t scroll! I REALLY want to see all of your great work. Can you see what’s going on? Please! Can’t wait to peruse…

  41. Dear Joanne,
    I fell in love to your crochet star stitch tote. And immediately make my self one. Since i could not find jute…i crochet it in polyester yarn and still love with the result. And now…i intended to sell the finish tote. are there any terms or conditions? Since i cannot find it in your blog either in the pattern.
    thank you for the beautiful Pattern. And you answer will be very appreciated.

  42. Hi Joanne

    WOW!! Thank you for making this really cool website and making it so easy to manouvre between all the great tutorials. I am currently making the Zippered Pouch for my trip to China to keep all my cards and stuff in and your tutorial is super easy to follow even for a beginner. Thank you for sharing your great talent with us, you are the best!!

  43. Hi Joanne

    I am going to Hong Kong in two weeks and was wondering if you can please tell me where to find sewing accessories like D-rings, zippers, fusible fleece etc. I will be going to Shanghai and Yiwu as well.
    Thank you
    Joanne (South Africa)

    • Hi Joanne,
      You may go to Needle Work Club located at Causeway Bay. I only have the Chinese Address of it:

      地鐵 : 銅鑼灣站 B 出口(向灣仔方向行約3座大廈) 或 鵝頸橋灣仔消防局向銅鑼灣方向行7座大廈左右

      Perhaps next time you should be able to get those from Craft Passion Shop.
      Happy Shopping.

  44. Hi Joanne

    Thank you for replying, I will definitely check it out and also your shop once it is up and running. Good luck in all your endeavors!


  45. Hi Joanne… I love to create new crafts and somehow tries to fulfill my this passion… I was in search of bags making and reached your site… When saw the lunch bag and followed tutorial, I got succeed and this encouraged me more… I made three bags as gift for my kids cousins… Watching your work I really appreciate it… It’s great… Never stop.

  46. dear joanna,
    aku suka hasil kreasi nya, gimana ya cara nya agar bisa belajar membuat nya

  47. Hello Joanne,
    I found your crocheted hair scrunchy on Pintrest. I made one this evening & it turned out pretty large. In order to use it on a child it has to be folded many times. Is it normal for the band to stretch so much?
    I appreciate you posting this pattern, of is very cute.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Suzette, I am not sure what kind of elastic band you are using but if you can crochet less stitches on the pattern so that the scrunchie wont turn out too big. It could be also the yarn you are using, they could be too chunky too too that’s why it stretch out your elastic band.

  48. Hello Joanne!
    I just love your website so much. You are a really talented lady and i am very much inspired by you. I think i am in love with your crafts and hope to make the vintage rag rug. can you teach me how to fold the rectangle to sew the rug please.

  49. Oh how I love your site. I have been checking most of your site to find out if you are writting your patterns in “UK or US” because the stitches are so different. Can you please tell me which it is.

    If it is here I have missed it. your work ks so beautiful. take care and have a beautiful day/night.

  50. Hello Joanne, I really love the puppy plush toy, my dauther will be a mom, and I am sweing some toys. But I cant download the pattern. Thank you so much.

    • Sorry, Patricia, this is a third party pattern and I believed that the original designer decided to take it down. I will have a YoYo dog pattern posted soon, please stay tuned.


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