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  1. i trying to find a pattern with a loop jacket or sweater for a baby

  2. i absolutletly love those hedgehog purses is there anyway i could buy one from you?

    thank you

  3. Looking for directions to make a faux snowball from a styrofom ball and eapson (spelling?) salts using modpodge or rubber cement.

    • Styrofoam is a great idea for making snow balls
      Here’s what I would do.
      Liquid elmers glue – Fully Paint Balls and let dry 2x
      By doing this it will seal the styrofoam
      paint with white craftstore paint and sprinkle epsom salts
      all over ball

      i always use a long skewer and dry these balls in the air
      so every area is covered.

      I’ve used this method for making spiders for charlotte’s web themes in our kids classrooms..

      Hope this helps..

      It’s all about sealing the styrofoam before applying paint/glitter etc.

  4. has anyone got a pattern for a sausage dog ? like the one on sewing Bee???

  5. Do you have the pattern “Crocheted Turkey Coasters and Ornaments”? It is one of my favorite patterns but it got lost when I moved. it is from 2011. Please help me find it.

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