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/Giveaways/Giveaway (Jan): Set-of-4 Coaster {Closed}

Giveaway (Jan): Set-of-4 Coaster {Closed}

Giveaway (Jan): Set-of-4 Coaster {Closed}

January 5, 2010 /
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locker hook coasters
Happy New Year & Happy New Decade to all my lovely readers and visitors. I kick-off my 1st 2010 post with a Giveaway Draw!!! Set-Of-4 Coaster to be won…. Who will be the lucky winner?

I had a wonderful break of a few days during Christmas, getting my daughter ready for her first day at primary school, bonding with my son who I have “neglected” and clearing up and rearranging my craft room. My craft room was so messy due to non-stop crafting. I sat down in my oh-so-clean-and-tidy room and began to think what am I going to make for the January Giveaway, so I brought out a bunch of books and materials I bought for myself as Christmas gifts…. after looking through all the materials and begin inspired by Theresa Pulido  – Hook, Loop & Lock, I decided to make locker hook crafts. It is truly fun and easy to make. Can you believe it, this is my first attempt and I gave myself a BIG pat on my back for being able to learn, digest, design and complete them in 4 days, most importantly, it has the quality of Craft Passion’ standard. And, by the way, I made my own tool for the “locking” since I haven’t have enough time to search for it as I presumed it is not very common in my country. Brand new year, brand new crafts… I learned again!!!

This set-of-4 coaster, which I call “Past-Present-Future”. The digits of 2010 can be arranged as 2001 – past, 2010 – present and 2100 – future. I hope the coaster can last until 2100 or/and the earth can still survive by then…. I started to worry about this lately especially after watching the movie “2012”… This really is no joke, the temperature is increasing, if it is not under control (the least that we can do), we will end up like in the movie. Well, we really need to help the earth by reduce-recycle-reuse! Just in case you didn’t know, I have a few recycle projects for crafts, click here to get there.

The materials I used for these coasters are new since they are meant to be given away. I would prefer to use recycle fabric or T-shirt yarn if possible, well, I will do that for my own use, may be a rug rag.
Coaster Gift
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully to enter this draw.

How to enter

All you have to do to enter this giveaway draw is to leave a comment on this post. If possible, I would like to see  some suggestions telling me what will you do to save the earth.

To boost your chances of winning, join my facebook page as a fan and leave a comment at the link in the page (you can copy and paste the same comment as here).

Remark: Your comment will be held under moderation so it won’t be displayed immediately after you submitted it, but it will appear after I approved it. If you see a spam blocking notice, please re-enter it again and if it still persist, please use other computer from other IP address. Please enable your cookies if you haven’t done so.

The Closing Date

The closing date for this giveaway draw is:

11pm January 11 2010

(Malaysian Time GMT+8).

After the closing, I will tabulate all entries by time sequence. Facebook fan’s entry will be listed at the end of 1-entry sequence. I will pick a random winner by using and I will announce the winner on January 13 2010.

Other Terms and Conditions (Please read)

* This contest is open to all readers, any part of the world on the earth. We are not open to other planets yet.

* Please enter a valid email so that I can contact you immediately without any delay for the mailing address. If I haven’t heard from you 3 days (January 16 2010) after the announcement date, I will re-pick another winner. So, please check your email and/or here for the announcement.

* Prize will be shipped out as soon as possible by normal air mail to the winner upon confirmation of his/her mailing address.

* Feel free to spread the word to your friends and family – the more the merrier! After all, giveaway draw is fun!


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Tuesday 19th of January 2010

Beautiful! I would love to win these. Very nice coasters, especially for your first attempt.

Selina Charma Dyer

Monday 11th of January 2010

Love the coasters Joanne and would love to win them!

Can't wait for the tutorial so I can try to create something with my daughter (maybe jewellery) - just learning to knit at the moment.

I'm trying to help save the Earth by teaching my daughter to appreciate its value. Not to waste food and clothing, we also recycle all her clothing either in charity shops or by passing them on (she growing at the speed of light it seems).

We take our own bags to the supermarket and turn off lights etc we are not using. I also got the council to place the large recycling bins on my close (so everyone has the opportunity and no excuse)after they told me there were NO recycling collection in my area!

I'm also creating a website for my college course for a producer of recycled and natural toys - it is fictional at the moment but I am looking for someone to give it away to - so if you know of anyone please let me know (it will have up to 5 pages with a link to my portfolio).

All the best


Monday 11th of January 2010

Those are so cute, clever you! I tore some fabric into strips from my stash that had been hanging around for years and knitted it on large needles and made myself a funky bath mat! Use up your stash, that's my tip for saving the planet!

Nurul Huda

Monday 11th of January 2010

The coasters are so cute! This is your 1st trial in doing locker hook crafts, but the results are so wonderful, you are very talented… (Please give the coasters to me ya……… wink*** wink***)

I’m taking my part in saving this earth by reusing my old baju kurung and turned it into a colorful bed sheet, making a makeup case & tote bag from my soft jeans and using my old t-shirts as cotton rags. . (I’m adore your t-shirt yarn, but still don’t have any idea to use it.. as I’m too lazy in knitting.. hohoooo…)

I’m also a great mommy that cloth diapering my daughter.. hehee.. I believe that we need to reuse & recycle as much as we can. Save our Earth for our next generations, and save our pocket money also.. ;p Thanks to give me great ideas in how to do more!

Sumay Woo

Monday 11th of January 2010

These are cool and I like the colour combo. I don't think I'd put wet glasses on it if I win them! Too pretty!