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Giveaway Winners – January 2010

Giveaway Winners – January 2010

January 13, 2010 /
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Congratulations to:


winner of the Jan giveaway who walks away with the set-of-4 “Past-Present-Future” Coaster!!!!

IMPORTANT : Diana – please reply my email with your correspondence address by 16 January, otherwise, I will pick another winner.


There were total of 44 entries in this draw, where 33 from blog and 11 from the Facebook page.

I am using paid Third Party Draw service which is unbiased and guaranteed to be fair and truly random. If you want to check if your entry has been entered and confirmed who is the winner, please go to the record in’s database here. Remark: Please use your name (the way you left in the giveaway post) for blog entry and username for Facebook entry.

Thank you for participating and leaving comments on how you do your part in saving planet Earth. I would like to add mine here:  “Besides the usual 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; eat more vegetables and plant our own crops helps in greening the Earth too. Along with the recycle crafts I am doing, I am making enzyme as washing agent and fertilizer to reduce the use of chemicals, washing down chemicals into the drain thus flowing to the ocean is harmful and will contaminate our food supply.”

Thank you again for participating!!! Watch for the tutorial of how to locker hook this coaster in the following few posts.

Coaster Gift


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