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Giveaway Winners – March 2010

Giveaway Winners – March 2010

March 19, 2010 /
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The giveaway result is here…

Congratulations to :

1st: Jane
2nd: Kat M
3rd: Molly Lovelace

Each of the winners will get 1 tiger plush toy I made, the Turquoise, the Red, and the Black.

IMPORTANT: Winners – please reply to my email with your correspondence address by 22 March, otherwise, I will pick another winner.

Draw Result

There were 59 entries (including facebook entries), and most of you chose Turquoise as first choice, red as second and black as third. I am using paid Third Party Draw service which is unbiased and guaranteed to be fair and truly random. If you want to check if your entry has been entered and confirmed who is the winner, go to the record in’s database here. Remark: Use your name (the way you left in the giveaway post) for blog entry and username for Facebook entry.

Thank you for participating, I am so happy to give those tigers away 🙂

I will pack and send out the tigers as soon as I get the mailing addresses, oh… but before that I will bid farewell to them and wish them all the best with their new owners.

So, who got which?

tiger plush 1Jane preferred turquoise, she got the turquoise tiger.

tiger plush 2Kat M didn’t mention which one she preferred. I chose Red for her since it is for her daughter.

tiger plush 3Molly Lovelace will get a black tiger.


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