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No-Sew Leather Key Pouch Pattern

March 22, 2016 /

Hello, my dear readers and followers, I am back with another leather pouch craft pattern and tutorial after being away for more than a month. This Leather Key Pouch is an easy no-sew key pouch to make, perfect as a quick gift to make for any occasion and especially ideal for Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, etc.

leather key pouch

This Leather Key Pouch is a simple tri-fold pouch made from genuine leather scrap. The pouch closure uses an easy-to-install Button Stud with no sewing needed. It measures 2 1/2″ (W) x 4″ (H), excellent size to put into pockets, and a small purse to keep the keys together.

The keyholder bracket is fixed to the pouch by using a double cap rivet set hence there is no sewing needed too. I am using a round keyholder bracket which is uncommon in the market, but there are rectangle type which you can get it from some craft shops [Update: I have these 2 brackets in Craft Passion Shop, Round & Rectangle]. In order to further embellish the leather key pouch, you may add a small key charm to the front of the key pouch but it is absolutely optional.

No-Sew Leather Key Pouch – How To Make

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

diy leather key pouch pattern

Many readers did ask me when I posted the first no-sew mini leather pouch, they wanted to know if it is possible to replace the genuine leather with other material, my answer is YES. You can use substitute leather, eg. PVC leather, thick laminated sheet, thicker felt, even thick washable KRAFT paper fabric to make the leather pouch, as long as the material is bendable and thick enough to hold into shape.

easy key pouch leather pattern

Just in case you fell in love with the leather crafts, here are more free leather patterns for you to make. They are all made from genuine leather and here is where you can buy some leather scraps to make. However, you can always replace the leather with thick felt, faux leather, PVC leather, and something equivalent you can think of.

Happy Making!

key pouch pattern

Leather Key Pouch

Difficulty: Easy
Finished size: approximately 2 1/2″ (W) x 4″ (H)
Download: No Sew Leather Key Pouch Template

Materials and Tools:
1. Leather (pigment coated finished leather) scrap, 7 1/2″ x 4″
2. Button Stud (screwback), Antique Brass color, 1 set. 8mm tall; 7mm base diameter; 6mm stud head diameter
3. Key Holder Bracket with double cap rivet set, Round. Buy it here.
4. Hole Punch Tool
5. Ball-pen
6. Scissors that are able to cut thick fabric, and/or, roller cutter and mat
7. Tool to install double cap rivet ( I used simple handheld rivet setter with a hammer)
8. Embellishment (optional)
9. Tragacanth Leather Burnishing gum and tools (optional)
10. No Sew Leather Key Pouch Template

I used CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose) clear leather burnishing agentburnishing gum. Tragacanth Leather Burnishing gum and tools are optional but your leather product will look professionally done if you have it treated.

Instructions with pictures to assist in making the No-Sew Leather Key Pouch

key pouch tool

Gather all the materials and tools needed to make this leather key pouch.
Download the leather key pouch template and print it out on a card. Cut the template out.

key holder bracket

I used a round key holder bracket which is quite uncommon to find in the market.
You may use the normal rectangle bracket which is easier to find in the market, for eg, in Amazonir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00NSD4ZV6. Remember to ask the seller for more detail about the product before purchasing, especially the dimension of the bracket and the size of the double cap rivet. You will need to find the correct size of double cap rivet installation tool for the cap rivet that comes with the bracket.
[Update: I have these 2 brackets in Craft Passion Shop, Round & Rectangle]

cut leather

Trace the paper template on the flesh side of the leather with ball pen.
Carefully cut out the leather piece with a pair of strong scissors. If you have a roller cutter, you may use it to cut the straight lines. Cut inside the lines so that the pen marks are not on the edge of the pouch.

burnish leather

Optional. Apply a small amount of the burnishing gum to the flesh side or edge of your leather spread evenly then firmly work into the leather with a smooth wooden dowel or piece of scrapper. I found that using fingers to apply the gum works too.
Leather the edges with burnishing gum as well.

install button stud

1. Punch holes on the Leather Key Pouch as indicated on the template.
Assemble the button stud onto the leather piece.
2. Insert the screwback plate from the flesh side of the smaller hole.
3. Screw the round stud head tightly to the screwback to complete.
4. Push the stud button through the bigger hole to close the pouch.

key holder bracket

Mark the bracket holes of the key holder on the top center of the middle part of the key pouch.

leather hole puncher

Punch hole / holes with the hole puncher. The hole size should follow the size the of the post of the rivet.

install key holder

1. Place the long post cap rivet though the hole.
2. Insert the key holder
3. Place the cap on the top of them. Press it down to click it on.
4. Depends on what type of tool you used to install the double caps rivet, I am using a simple handheld tool called rivet setter. Place the concave side of the rivet setter on top of the assembly, hammer down to fasten them up. Do this on the mat to protect your cap from being damage.

rivet key holder

This is how the key holder bracket looks like after it is installed.


Hook up the keys to the key holder and start using the Leather Key Pouch.


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