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Recycle Oil Pastels & Crayons

Recycle Oil Pastels & Crayons

November 8, 2011 /

recycle oil pastel crayon
My kids love to doodle with oil pastels and crayons, though they are not a gifted artist I love all the scribbles and drawings they have created. Looking at them fighting over the same piece of oil pastel gave me the idea to make some multicolored star-shaped pastels, so they can just pick a star and doodle with many colors. Please read further for the tutorial on how to recycle oil pastels into multicolored star-shaped pastels.

star oil pastel

As I cut and fill the pastels into the mold, it creates lots of waste debris on my table, very small and can hardly pick up by hand. So, I collect them and pour into one of the molds. Surprisingly, it turns into stardust with all the colors I have used. One glide at the tip will give stripes of colors, my daughter shouted out: “Mommy, it is like a rainbow! So beautiful!”

Star Dust Oil Pastel

Kids will be kids, they just like to fight over the same thing. When I remold the star pastel, I kept in mind to make sure that 2 stars must be identical in color and shape. Even with all my hard work to try to duplicate the twin-star pastel, they still fight, sigh….. “Mom, I want that piece she is using, it has more red in it”, “Mom, not fair, my star is smaller…”, “Mom, sister used my star…”, “Mom…..” …… What can I say? Just love my kids the way they are… even sometimes they really made me steaming mad with all the mess and fights around. If you have kids like mine, welcome to my MOTHERHOOD….

5-in-1 color oil pastel

Get the tutorial on how to recycle oil pastels to make the Colorful Star Pastel after this.

crayon remold



Recycle Oil Pastels Or Crayon Into Colorful Stars

Materials & Tools:
1. Broken Oil Pastels or Crayons [Non-Toxic]
2. Star TPE or Silicon Rubber Ice Mold
3. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) or mineral oil or butter
4. Cotton Swab (Q-tips)
5. Craft Knife
6. Tweezers
7. Oven

Note: 100% oil pastel is soft and fragile, so the star might break during the process of pushing it out from the mold.
A 70%/30% mixture of oil pastel and crayon produces a stronger bond, the success rate is higher with mixture of crayon. The higher the % of crayon, the higher the success rate in remolding.
When Crayon melts, the color pigments will set to the bottom while the wax float to the top. The color pigment at the bottom resembles the texture of oil pastel.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 1Get ready all the materials and tools. I stole my son’s oil pastels and crayons where he stripped them to naked, that’s why you can see that they are all coated with all sorts of colors.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 2Wipe a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the star mold with a cotton swab. Pay particular attention to all the tips of the star.
You can skip this step if using 100% crayons, but no harm lubricate the mold since it will make the stars come out easily.


recycle oil pastelsCut and chop the oil pastels and crayons into smaller pieces.
Place bigger chunks of crayons into the mold first, especially the tips of the star. Fill the gaps with smaller pieces and remaining debris.
It can be one color for each tip or a random mix.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 5To get the shades of tones for your star pastel, you can premix some color shades before putting them into the mold.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 4Press the oil pastels and crayons down, fill the mold slightly higher.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 6Place the mold into a cold oven, heat it up to 100°C / 212°F for 10 minutes.
Keep an eye on the oil pastels and crayons while they are melting. You will be surprised at how fast they start to melt.
Don’t increase the heat with the thought of melting the oil pastel faster, it is dangerous as you might cause toxic fume to release from them.


Remold Oil Pastel Crayon 7The oil pastels and crayons start to melt and sunken into the mold to fill all the gaps in between.
You can add some pastels to fill in for the height.


remold oil pastel to star shapedAfter they are fully melted, they form a shiny molten.
A layer of transparent wax will float to the top if crayons were added into it.
Keep the mold in the oven with the door open for about 10 minutes to let the bubbles released from the molten. Poke bubbles when they surface to the top.


recycle oil pastelsLet them harden by either transfer the warm mold into the freezer or leave it at room temperature to set for about 2 hours or overnight. A 100% oil pastels harden quite fast.
Gently separate the sides of the star by pulling the mold away. Push the star out from the mold.


recycle oil pastelsSome of the perfect star pastels successfully molded.


recycle oil pastelsSometimes it is not easy to remold a 100% oil pastels, it is soft and fragile, breakage can happen especially on the thin tip of the star.


recycle oil pastelsBut if some crayons (at least 30%) are added into the oil pastels, it will improve the success rate in no time.
The wax will float to the top (the thin opaque layer) that enhance the bond, while the color pigment sinks to the bottom.



Enjoy doodling and scribbling with the star pastels!

drawing with star shaped oil pastel


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