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Stylish Faucet For The Home

June 8, 2015 /
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Update: 09 September 2015,
Good news to all my Malaysian readers, print out the voucher to get instant rebate when you purchase 3M filter system.

Voucher for Joanne

I am pretty happy with the 3M filter drinking water system installed at my home. After 3 months of drinking healthy water, I was told that my skin look glowing and healthier.

3M healthy water healthy life


After moving in into this condominium for almost 2 years, life has been good and convenient. I get to dip into the pool when the weather is warm. I can head to the gym when I feel I need a workout after a long hour of sit and craft. I can even bring my craft down to the garden to make while watching my kids playing on the field. The only downside of living in a condominium is always space, especially for an avid crafter like me. You could see how efficiently I have designed my home in my previous post, yet, space and storages are never enough for me to store my materials, tools, and equipment. The same goes for all the kitchen utensils and equipment in my kitchen. This brings me to the topic of my choice of a water filter for my family.


As you may be aware that water storage in the huge common tank reservoirs is tricky, health and hygiene can be compromised with improper maintenance and upkeep. No one can tell if the water is as clean as we thought it is. It is time that I have decided to get a good water filter system for my home, for drinking, cooking, and raw food cleaning.

Bringing into consideration every design, every asset, and every kitchen masterpiece which is truly important to maximize the space and minimize clutter, I have found my true love when I was introduced to the 3M Drinking Water System (DWS2500T-CN).


It sits cleverly beneath the sink and not on the counter, giving me ample space to work around on my countertop. Besides the trusted and NSF/ANSI certified brand of the stylish compact under-counter unit, the 3M drinking water system is able to reduce up to 99.9% bacteria and cyst and most importantly inhibit bacterial growth inside the filter. So, what impressed me about this water filter? Let’s take a look:

1) It’s NSF certified!

Just a little tip for new home buyers looking for a water filter: when searching for a water filtration product, it is important to make sure the product contaminant reduction claims are certified by a reputable, independent source. 3M water filters work hard to manufacture products whose claims pass the rigorous testing standards of one of the most respected names in the industry, NSF.

NSF certification is a critical catalyst in our objective to deliver trust in every drop of 3M filtered water because it is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides toxicological reviews, performance testing, and manufacturing facility inspections before certification is granted. This verifies that the strict quality standards of our products, achieve appropriate alignment with NSF expectations.


2) Two Stage filtration means cleaner, clearer, better tasting drinking water!

The first stage is the pre-filtration process is with premium pleated polypropylene membrane to reduce undesirable dirt, rust, particles and turbidity that may not be visible to the eye.

The IMPACT Technology is in the second stage of fine filtration which is the revolutionary IMPACT media with superior filtration capabilities. The “IMPACT” media package combines a patented pharmaceutical-grade two-zone microporous membrane having built-in advance anti bacteria system that reduces Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts and more than 99.99% of all water-borne bacteria.
It also has a pre-activated carbon block that removes chemical or chlorine in water. With finer mesh or particle size, the total surface area is greater and more contact takes place between the water and carbon, providing better contaminant removal efficiency. Approximately five grams of 3M carbon can achieve the effective surface area of a football field.
I like the fact that it has a dedicated faucet for the filtered drinking water. Overall, I am confident that 3M Drinking Water System will provide me with high quality drinking water that my family and I could drink straight from the faucet.

3M closed up

3) Sexy-looking LED Faucet with Smart Monitoring System!

Ease of maintenance is taken into my review too and I am happy that 3M drinking water system has it, changing 3M filter cartridge all by myself is easy and can be done in less than 10 seconds. In addition, the system comes with an inbuilt cartridge life monitoring system, I no longer need to manually monitor when to change the cartridge.

The inbuilt cartridge life monitoring system is called the Smart Monitoring System. Equipped with intelligent tracking devices, 3M Smart Drinking Water Systems monitor your usage and provide both visual and audio alarm for cartridge change.

Once the cartridge needs to be changed, which is about once a year, the faucet ring will turn from blue to red, letting me know that it’s time for a change!

Lastly, I love the modern stylish look of the faucet with the LED indicator which enhanced the outlook of the kitchen!


Photo courtesy of 3M

3M, as a trusted brand with 75 years of filtration experience, creating advanced water purification technology. I am sure I have selected the best drinking water system for my family, not only for its convenience, clutter-free, compact and stylish, it also provide a better and healthy life.

To understand more about 3M’s water filter, head to their website And if you’d like to get the 3M Drinking Water System (DWS2500T-CN), 3M is currently running their Raya Fiesta Promo from 1st June – 31st July. You can check it out here, and the list of distributors that carries 3M water filters.


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