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About Craft Passion

Let’s meet the founder of Craft Passion:
About Joanne Loh

It’s not often you find someone who remains passionate about something for most of their lives. Growing up in a crafty household, Joanne would often observe her grandma and mother as they turned threads into beautiful items with needles and a sewing machine. Since young, she became fond of handicrafts and began her DIY journey by learning from her elders, reading books, and browsing the Internet to remain updated about new techniques and trends.

The thought of being able to personalize items into her preference fascinated her. Out of all her projects, her favorite crafts are what one could put to fair use, such as wearables, purses, gifts, and her popular sock animals and amigurumi.

She is also very generous in sharing delicious family recipes and newfound recipes. Once Joanne has found something she likes, she would cook and experiment until perfection before sharing them. Promising to deliver only the best recipes there are out there.

When asked if she found taking photos of her crafts challenging (yes, she takes her photos!), Joanne mentioned that she still enjoyed it even though it is time-consuming. The results and supportive responses from all of you make it worthwhile.

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About Craft Passion

A place where we share all kinds of craft projects. Our website’s name literally means a passion for crafting. Thoughtfully created out of pure interest to share Joanne’s (founder) love for handicrafts back in 2008. Since then, it has blossomed into something more than we could have ever imagined.

Craft Passion is now home to hundreds of DIY & recipe-related content. We cover topics such as sewing, crochet, knitting, kid crafts, Amigurumi, recipes, useful tips, and more. We also share creative recycling & upcycling ways to turn your pre-loved clothes and household things into valuable items. If you’ve browsed through our website, you might’ve noticed our seasonal crafts too! They’re one of our favorites to share; be it Christmas-themed, CNY-themed, Valentines-themed, Halloween-themed, you name it. Everything is intricately curated to suit different levels of difficulty and for crafters of various interests.

Starting a blog meant placing additional efforts into the existing work. What began as a desire for making anything Joanne liked turned into carefully crafted blog posts. She soon realized that it was essential to create meaningful projects that could satisfy her followers’ needs and keep up with the trend. The final product no longer contains only the craft itself. Instead, it is paired with written content describing each pattern, craft material recommendations linked to our online shop and affiliate shop, and detailed step-by-step instructions with images documenting the entire process.

We hope you’re able to find inspiration to create thoughtful gifts, cook tasty food, and decorate your home with handmade items from scratch. Stay tuned for occasional giveaways, and sign up for our weekly newsletter, so you don’t miss out on anything!


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