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Get free craft patterns tutorials to make your own handmade. Sewing, Crochet, Knitting, Kid Crafts, etc, to make Amigurumi, Sock Animals, Clothing, Arts & more.

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#1 Guide to Crochet for Beginners: The Basics & Free Patterns

Ever looked at those beautifully made crochet home décor or stuffed toys and wondered, “Man… I wish I knew how to make one of those!” Our crochet for beginners’ guide will help you make your first step into the world of crochet. we’ll discuss the basics of crochet, …

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Amigurumi Santa Claus Crochet Pattern

Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus is coming to town!!! Crochet this 13″ Amigurumi Santa Claus Doll from the free crochet pattern. We love how the Santa design has turned out, we particularly love the fullness of the ruffled beard.
To complete a full set of Christmas decor, the Santa Clause Doll crochet pattern comes with the Santa’s Gift Sack and Gift Boxes too.

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Amigurumi Reindeer Crochet Pattern

At 15″ tall, the amigurumi reindeer is made with a 2.5 mm crochet hook and light worsted weight yarn in brown, dark brown, beige, red, white. Additional materials and tools you’ll need include: 2 pcs of 10mm black domed buttons & tapestry needle & strong thread for the eyes; craft pipe cleaner for its antlers (optional); polyester fiberfill as the stuffing; some standard amigurumi tools.

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Crochet Angel Costume For Amigurumi

If you enjoyed crocheting the Devil costume and Witch costume, then you should try out this Angel Halloween costume too! Like our other crochet costume tutorials, we will be splitting the Angel costume pattern into four pieces; Ruffle Dress, Angel Wings, Star Wand, and Angel Halo. By explaining each pattern in-depth, we hope you will achieve the same outcome as we did! 

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Crochet Angel Wings Pattern

The size of each wing is about 5″ wide and the spread ranges about 8″ to 10″ wide. It is perfect for dolls that are about 12″ to 15″ tall. These dimensions are for the crochet wings made from light worsted yarn. If you plan to make them in different sizes, you can use a different yarn weight to achieve that. For barbie dolls, you can use crochet thread. For babies, kids, and adults, simply use bulkier sizes.

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Crochet Ruffle Dress Pattern For Doll

Crochet a beautiful and adorable doll dress with this free crochet ruffle dress pattern. It is a layered ruffle dress with ruffles at the bottom and a backless haltered neck top. Adapt the pattern to make it for baby and toddler. All you need is some light worsted white yarn and 2.5mm crochet hook, a small button, and a little passion to make it.

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Sewing Machines for Beginners – Choosing The Best One for You

With countless brands and models in the market, it can get confusing when choosing the right sewing machines for beginners. What’s the best sewing machine model to start with? What are all those features for? Is it safe for a kid to sew?  Here, we hope to offer peace of mind and guide you on choosing your first sewing machine!

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