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Recent Sewing Posts

Get free sewing patterns and tutorials to make beautiful and useful items for your loved ones, be it stuffed animals, blankets, wearables, purses, home decors.

Recent Crochet Posts

You can make lovely and practical gifts for the people you care about by using free crochet patterns and tutorials to create the items you need, such as stuffed animals, blankets, wearables, purses, and home decors.

Recent Amigurumi Posts

A compilation of free amigurumi patterns to crochet animals such as a bear, unicorn, cow, monkey, elephant, sheep, fox, zebra, bird, bunny, giraffe, turkey, donkey, lion, raccoon, deer, panda, sloth, and more.

Recent Knitting Posts

Learn how to knit with these helpful guides and patterns. Whether it's a scarf, a backpack, or a piece of stylish furniture, anything handmade is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Recent Upcycled Crafts Posts

How to turn your trash into a beautiful treasure with these Upcycled Crafts Tutorials: refashion old clothes, recycle old bedsheets, containers, straws and more.

Recent Other Crafts Posts

Try out our other crafts' patterns and tutorials to make your craft activities more interesting and diverse.

Recent Recipes Posts

Proven delicious recipes that you can bake, cook and make for your family. Save your time from researching and trying one after another from other sites.

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Craft Passion is a website that offers a multitude of free craft patterns & tutorials. We cover various contents such as sewing, crochet, knitting, kid crafts, upcycling crafts, and more. Our designs will allow you to DIY soft toys, purses & bags, gifts, outfits & costumes, or even style your home with handmade decorative items.

As a bonus, Craft Passion also offers an array of delicious recipes that you can cook for your family.