Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

crochet beach bag

This is a crochet straw beach bag (drawstring type) I designed and made with rafia yarn recently. The rafia yarn is thin and flat like plastic strips, softer than rafia twine. It is easy to crochet and the result is surprisingly soft and gentle to touch.

This shoulder bag is made by a double layer crochet technique. The 1st layer is single crochet (back loops only) from bottom to top, then you work upside down for the second layer, just slip stitch on the front loops for each and every stitch. As simple as that!

drawstring beach bag pattern

Remember to crochet 12 holes for the eyelets. Used a long fat white elastic band ( I bought it from hair accessories shop) and sew a fabric to the ends as the ribbon ties. The elastic drawstring closure is superbly convenient, now you don’t have to pull-to-tie and untie-to-release the bag when taking things in and out. Didn’t summer supposed to be easy and relax?

beach bag pattern

{CLICK HERE to get the Beach Bag Crochet Pattern.}

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  1. Hola
    Bellisima!!!!! Super linda la bolsa y el tutorial esta maravilloso. El patron si lo tengo que traducir porque me confunde un poco.
    Voy a intentar hacerla porque esta preciosa como todo lo que compartes.
    Muchas gracias y muchos besitos.

    Translation (By Google):
    Bellisima !!!!! Super cute bag and the tutorial is wonderful. The pattern if I have to translate it confuses me a bit.
    I’ll try to do it because this beautiful as anything you share.
    Thank you very much and many kisses.

  2. Love the bag! Can you tell me if rafia yarn is available at most craft stores, or is it more of a specialty item that I have to order on the web? Same question for the twill handles…whenever I search for handles on the web, I find plastic or leather, never twill 🙁 Again, love the bag, and thanks for sharing the design.

    • Hi Suzie, I bought both the rafia yarn and twill handles at my local shop, you can try google search it if you can’t get it locally.
      I am sure there are some in online shop, try “rafia yarn” or “raffia yarn” for the rafia yarn. I saw Judi & Co. has it but I am not sure about their texture, mine come from Korean but repack it here, so the brand doesn’t apply to worldwide market.

  3. I like these bags very much.

  4. just wonderful!

    Thank you so much for sharing your good idea!

    greetings from Austria!

  5. Oh wow! This is really stunning! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  6. Votre sac est superbe, bravo.

    Merci de proposer le tuto, je me permet de mettre un lien vers lui sur mon blog!
    à très bientôt, bises de France.


    Translation (by Google):
    Your bag is gorgeous, congratulations.

    Thank you for offering the tutorial, I will put a link to it on my blog!
    Very soon, kisses from France.


  7. Hi I loved your bag as soon as I saw. May you suggest me any tutorial to understand the direction part? I’m confused a little. Thanks again.

  8. j’aimerais savoir ou vous trouvez les poignées pour le sac . merci

    Translation (by Google):
    I know where you find the handles to the bag. thank you

  9. I want to make this but I can’t find where to purchase the raffia yarn. You said you bought it at your local store. Can you share the name so I can buy it? How many yards or feet is in each ball of yarn? Thank you.

  10. I have a question-do you slip stitch in the first sc at the end of each round?

  11. This pattern is really cute and I was thinking of making one for summer time, but I have two questions. I can’t seem to find raffia yarn anywhere so do you think substituting something like a nylon yarn would work instead? Also, what do you mean by increase 8 sts evenly for each round?

    • Nylon yarn should works fine too.
      For example, you have 80 sts on the round and you want to increase it to 88 sts (increment of 8 sts), you do 1 sc for the first st to the 9th st then 2sc in the 10 st, same to 1 sc to 11th – 19th st then 2sc to 20th st and so on. Repeat 8 times and you will get an even increase of 8 sts in that round.

  12. Translation for Irene’s question is: I would like to know where to get the handle for the bag and not as the lost translation from google

    • Thanks, Lillian for the translation. Now, I understand the question much better.
      It is a canvas handle, you can get it from craft shop, cut to you preferred length, lightly burn the ends to seal it from raveling.
      The one I am using is a ready made.

  13. please let me know if I can purchase raffia yarn online or in a store in the United States.
    Thank you

  14. I also can’t find this type of yarn in the US. Would you be willing to make the purchase for me and I will send you a reimbersment check plus shipping and handling? I have hunted all over stores and on line to no avail.



  15. They sell this yarn at my local fabric shop. The place is called ESSIEL TEXTILE
    There is no website for them but the phone number is (323) 583-9661 The address is 2720 E. Florence Ave. Huntington Park, CA If they won’t do mail order for you, I would be able to pick it up and resell it to anywhere in the world through my etsy shop. The address is Please feel free to contact me through etsy.

    • Kelli, thanks for the info but raffia is not a fabric yarn, just want to make sure….

      • Fear not, I know the difference between raffia and fabric and fabric yarn. They sell yarn, fabric, raffia, floss, thread, and even burlap at the place near me. I’ve made stuff with raffia and it is much like plastic bag yarn. It comes in any color you want. If there is someone that can’t find it anywhere, they can ask me to pick it up for them and make it available for purchase on my shop. I am not in the raffia business, but I just like to be nice and help people solve little problems like not being able to get their hands on some raffia.

  16. elo! vry nice bag. i would like to know where can i buy straw yarn??? 🙂

  17. I love the pattern but have a few questions. For the 2nd part are you only doing slst and I notice the colors don’t match the picture, am I reading wrong? If you start upside down with the last row as your first wouldn’t you be doing the colors the opposite way you have them listed?

  18. Just search raffia yarn at and you get a selection of about 15 or so colors. Hope this helps! 🙂

  19. elo! vry nice bag. i would like to know where can i buy straw yarn??? 🙂

  20. Hi….this pattern looks incredible, but like so many others my location limits me from access to raffia yarn. Would it be possible to make the same bag using wool yarn instead?….I have an abundant supply of the stuff and would love to try out this pattern

  21. I’ve never seen this hammer eyelet before… must find that tool first 🙂 thank you for sharing

  22. Hi there. I love this purse, but can’t find 20″ purse handles. Where did you find yours? Also, I can’t find round elastic cord. I was wondering where you purchased that too and what size diameter the cord is?


    Laina 🙂

    • I bought it from a local craft shop that sell bag’s notions. Try Etsy, may be you are able to find there, otherwise, if you can read Chinese, try Taiwanese online shop.

  23. I am not computer savy. how do u get the pattern without the adds, uses to much ink

  24. I like that bag more every time I see it. Since I’m not a crocheter, can it be converted to knitting?

  25. Thanks for the pattern…I’m always on the look out for new bag ideas. I have been making bags with “plarn”,plastic bag yarn, and this one looks perfect!! I’ll let you know how it turns out!!

  26. Joanne,

    I found some raffia knitting yarn on ebay, it says it is made from 53% polypropylend and 47% polyester; is this the same material as yours? Just want to be sure it is the right material before I order some. Thank you; oh, and your bag is adorable. 🙂


    • Hi Linda, I really can’t answer you because I don’t know the content of the raffia yarn. The label doesn’t state the material and content. Can you ask the seller if the raffia yarn can be crocheted? If the answer is yes, then it could be of higher chances. If you don’t mind, please pm me the ebay link so that I can have a look. Thanks.

  27. Hi There,
    I’ve come back to this amazing pattern! I asked a few months back if this pattern could be made using wool…unfortunately I never did get around to starting it.
    However, lucky for me, I’ve moved to Penang with my family and the first thing I did was go to the store you mentioned and picked up some raffia yarn (although, they didn’t have the dark brown colour, so i went with a different combination of colours)!
    I’m having a little bit of trouble with the start of this pattern, my work keeps looking like the beginning of an amigurumi pattern – it’s turning into a little ball – until about the 3/4th row.
    Should i be making the first few stitches quite loose? should i be doing a chain1 at the beginning of each row?
    Please help, I am really keen on making this pattern 🙂

    • Hi Ramya,
      I am so happy that you are in Penang and bought the raffia yarn to make this bag.
      Regarding you question, the work at the beginning should look like a circle and not a ball since there is an increase of 8 stitches as every new round.
      No chain stitch require at the beginning of each round since it is working in spirally upward.
      Hope this help, otherwise, please send me a photo of your progress via the contact form.

  28. Hello again,
    Thank you for helping, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong….I forgot to increase in the very first row! It’s looking like it should now, I’ve almost completed the base!

    Thanks again

  29. Hi, I love your bag and finished the 1st layer and starting on the second layer. I’m not sure on one thing, when you start doing all the slip stitches on each round, do you still chain 1 at the beginning of each row, or just continue without stopping until you reach the very end?

  30. I don’t know where I can buy such rafia, and in black colour too??

  31. This is a beautiful tote! I am a little unclear on the elastic band with ribbon ends. Is there a certain diameter to the band? And how did you sew the ribbon (and what length) onto it?

    • I just sewed a pair of double layer taper-shaped fabrics with right side facing each other, leave a small opening for turning right side out. Remember to clip the corners of the seam allowances. Insert one end of elastic band into the opening, sew across to shut the opening while secure the band to it. Insert the other end of band through the eyelets, then sew another ribbon on. Tie to make a ribbon bow.
      You can use any size of elastic band as long as it is durable and is smaller than the size of the eyelets.

  32. very nice bag

  33. Sorry but im a little confused. why do the directions for the body not match the color of the bag? it only goes from dark to brown to beige once. am i suppose to repeat after the first beige? please help. thank you

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  35. Beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you

  36. I LOVE this bag! I am new to crocheting and am confused on rows 2-14. It says to increase 8sts for ea row. Can you please explain that? (I was assuming that means for row 2, you will stitch 16 sts around(increasing from 8 in row 1), then 24 sts in row 3, etc. but then the math doesn’t add up to 112 sts for the 13 rows). Any advise would be helpful! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Heather,
      Yes, your assumption is correct by adding 8 stitches into each row by doing 8 times of 2sc in a stitch (space evenly on the round), Round 1 (R1) is 8 stitches, R2 is 16, R3 is 24, R4 is 32, R5 is 40, R6 is 48, R7 is 56, R8 is 64, R9 is 72, R10 is 80, R11 is 88, R12 is 96, R13 is 104 and R14 is 112. The math is correct, you will have 112 stitches in a round an the 14th round.

  37. would love to try the sun hat with the rafia yarn, looked for it didt seem to find it. is it possible to get it off of your site. would love to do the beach hat and bag!!!!

  38. Love the bag exactly how it looks!!! Do you sell this bag?

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  40. Great bag for the beach. whenever I find myself this time certainly will!

  41. This bag is awesome absolutely beautiful I’m trying a different variation of it because I don’t have the raffia yarn

  42. I found raffia in the floral dept. at AC Moore.

  43. Hi Joanne,I’m from Melaka and a newbie in crafting. I am very much interested in your Straw Beach Bag and would like to try it. Just a silly question though, is this rafia yarn the same as those normal rafia that most people here use to tie up drinking plastic bags and sorts? I really love the way your bag looks like.

  44. How do I covert the amount of raffia I need for this beach bag, 180 grams equals how many yards of raffia? 60 grams equals how many yards? Thanks jane Schaal.

    • Hi Jane, there is no direct conversion for the amount of raffia from weight to length as different raffia with have different weight / length… sorry about that 🙁

  45. Hi there – I don’t really understand the row direction of r54: “ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 11 st”, *ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 12 st* repeat 4 times, repeat ” 2 times, repeat * 4 times, repeat ” 1 time (to create 12 holes) and also the second layer part. For the second layer am I going to be working over the work that I have already done?

    • Hi Jessica, The repeats are going corresponding to the symbol that group the pattern sts. The first symbol is “, the first group is “ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 11 st”. The second symbol is *, the second group is *ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 12 st*. Let’s called the first group as 1 and second group as 2. The r54 is working as 1,2,2,2,2,1,1,2,2,2,2,1.
      Yes, you are going to work on the front loop from top to bottom. Remark: Please note that the layer 1 is working only on the back loops, so you will still have the front loops reserved for the 2 layer.
      Hope this explanation helps. Let me know should you still having tough time understand it. Happy crochet 🙂

  46. Hi there. Can you please explain rowr54: “ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 11 st”, *ch1 sk 1 st, 1 sc in next 12 st* repeat 4 times, repeat ” 2 times, repeat * 4 times, repeat ” 1 time (to create 12 holes)

    I am not understanding when to repeat. Also the 2nd layer will I be working over the work that I have already done? I am a little confused about these 2 parts. Thanks for all your help!!

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