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Either in-person or via the web, it is my pleasure to have met many handicraft hobbyists that generously share among their works and creativity. I am glad to have this site that bring us closer to each other. It is you, dear readers that shared your ingenious ideas to me to develop and create more. It is you that modified some of my patterns to let them have a different look and I really appreciate your inputs. And, I am also delighted that some of you even shared your know how and tutorial of your beautiful craft here in Craft Passion.

(p/s: Submit yours if you have a fabulous tutorial to share.)

I get to know Brenda via Craft Passion Facebook Fan Page, the moment I saw her posted up her photo of the Linking Hearts ring bearer pillow, I fell in love immediately. I wrote to her to ask if she would like to share the tutorial in Craft Passion; to my wishful thinking, she agreed!!! This is how I get to know Brenda….. not knowing that she is also a friend of my secondary school classmate, what a small world!

Let’s get the tutorial on how to hand sew this divine ring bearer pillow. Be it for your own wedding or your friends or your relatives wedding, it sure vows the marriage with happiness.

Tutor: Brenda
Personal Blog: Pepperratzies

On the very special day of every girl’s life, the wedding day, a lot of time and effort are spent to ensure that their dream wedding can unfold right in front of their eyes. Almost every girl would have their wedding day painted with lots of flowers and romantic setting, to mark the end of their single-hood and a celebration to a life of couple-hood.

The ring pillow holds the wedding ring that symbolizes the unity and love of the couple. Making your own ring pillow can be simple and unique as the embellishment that you choose can be something dear to you, something old, something blue or something new. :)

The design of this ring pillow holds special meaning with the 2 hearts intertwined with chained stitch which brings the meaning of hearts chained together with love.

Sewing Wedding Ring Pillow TutorialIn this hands on, I used very simple ingredients. The design that I made is called ‘The linking hearts’ for the couple whose hearts are inter-twined.
You will need:
• 2 pieces of 15×15 cm felt cloth
• 2 embellishment of your heart desire
• Satin ribbons
• Needle and thread

Sewing Wedding Ring Pillow TutorialFirst, design your ring pillow. Place the items that you choose into positions that you like until you get the perfect vision. Then you draw out the ‘chain’ that is to link from 1 heart to the other.
Chain stitchNext, the stitches that I used is Chain Stitch, which is also to symbolize the chain for the 2 hearts.
Stitch the heartsI then place the 2 heart embellishment on top of each end of the chain and stitch them onto the felt cloth.
Stitch ribbon and buttonsOnce the hearts are on, I chose 2 types of ribbons, a printed one and a satin ribbon to hold the rings. Right on top of the ribbon, I stitched a flower button each to make them prettier. I love buttons in my crafts, so I tried to use them as often as I can.
Blanket stitch edgeOnce all the items are stitched firmly, join the 2 pieces of felt cloth and use Blanket Stitch to close up the sides. Do not close up the entire 4 sides as you will need to leave a hole for you to stuff Polyfill in. Fill the pillow with Polyfill or cotton, if you like. Finally, close up the ring pillow and Voila!! You will have your very own ring pillow. :)

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  1. What a beautiful pillow! I linked to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. What a beautiful guest post and a gorgeous pillow. I love the linking hearts design! Thanks for the details Brenda, I’ll be linking to this on One Pretty Wedding.

  3. Coucou

    Je découvre ton blog grasse à jojo merci

    Très jolie coussin , que j’adore

    Bravo à toi

    Translation (by Google):

    I discovered your blog fat thank you to jojo

    Very nice cushion, I love

    Congratulations to you

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