Cowl Scarf Knitting Pattern

Cowl Scarf Knitting Pattern  - Shoulder warmer

Cowl Scarf Knitting Pattern - Shoulder warmer

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Every woman deserves a pretty scarf to make herself look beautiful. Knit an elegant looking cowl and wear it on neck or stretch across the shoulder for an evening out or let it drapes around the arms for warmer coverage, or simply let is drapes on your chest…. you choose your style.

This scarf is easy to knit with just 2 rectangles pieces, a big and a small, knit by using fisherman ribs stitch pattern. If you are new to fisherman ribs, no worries, there is a video from New Stitch A Day included in the pattern page. Practice the stitch with some scrap yarns before knitting the actual scarf. Also, do a gauge test to check your tension so that the finishing dimension won’t vary too far from the pattern. You can always modify the numbers of stitch and row to obtain the size your want.

While writing this tutorial, I pondered and don’t know how to classify this scarf as it can be wore in different style. In order to find the best fit, I googled for an answer. It seems like cowl is the name for it. Cowl and infinity scarf are quite alike except the latter is longer in length and has a “twist” in the ring. However, if you wear it on the shoulder and let it drapes around the arm, it becomes a capelet. If you don’t think that it is cowl, do you have an answer for me?

Happy knitting with style!!!

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Cowl Scarf.}

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