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3D Pen Owl Drawing

3D Pen Owl Drawing

August 21, 2018 /
3d pen owl

**Ding Dong! Door open**…. A FedEx guy was standing in front of my door to deliver a package that I am anticipating, a LIX 3D Pen. I was like a little girl waiting for Santa to drop in a Christmas gift by the chimney, a new toy has arrived.

It all started a few weeks ago, LIX contacted me if I am interested to try out their 3D pen to make a craft out of it. OF COURSE, I screamed it out loud and clear! I have been dreaming of trying out on 3D pen ever since I first saw their amazing videos of drawing 3D objects in the mid-air. It is so creative, my jaw dropped.

Upon unboxing the LIX 3D Pen, I already can’t wait to try it out but first of all, I need to finish designing the owl which I am halfway through.

LIX 3d pen

3D Pen Owl Drawing – How To Tutorial

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

LIX 3D pen comes in a box, with 2 tubes of filaments (40 filaments each in random color), power adapter and cable. LIX also gave me some extra color filaments so that I can make a colorful craft out of it. I was so overjoyed while going through the items in the package, just like a little girl unboxing her new toy.

3d pen owl drawing

After watching a few videos on youtube and read through the instructions on how to use LIX 3D pen, I am ready to proceed with the new drawing experience.  I set up my working top at a well-ventilated room, cable and power plugged, 3D Pen switched on and heated, filament fed in, owl template on the table… there I go, on my highway to the 3D drawing, woohoo!!! At the initial stage, I practiced using the LIX 3D pen by drawing a yellow owl followed by a green owl until I feel comfortable and confident to produce a video on how I made the 3D owl.

3d pen owl drawing

This owl is perfect for the beginner in 3D pen drawing just like me. All you need to do it to trace the outline of the owl by following the template, assemble the parts into a 3D object. You do not need smooth strokes and accuracy in doodling the owl. No one will notice your mistake either, just cover the mistake with more strokes or cut away the mistake with a wire cutter and redo that part. Cool, right? Once you have mastered the skill, you may proceed to a more advanced technique like drawing in the mid-air to develop a true 3D object.

Look, I have turned the owl into a shadow art at night by shining a light through it. Hope you will try out the 3D pen soon, it really takes the drawing to another dimension.

owl shadow art

Watch “How-To-Make” Video

Owl Ornament – 3D Pen Drawing

Watch on Youtube

3d pen owl

3D Pen Owl Drawing

Yield: Dimension: 5.5" wide x 4.5" tall x 1.75" thick
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Make 3D Owl using a LIX 3D pen, simply draw & assembly, easy skill. Tutorial comes with a free downloadable Owl template & quick video to show how to draw.


  • Printer
  • Letter size paper
  • Wire cutter (optional, for trimming residuals)
  • Kitchen towel
  • 3D Pen Owl Template


  1. Download and print out the Owl Template
  2. Preheat the LIX 3D Pen
  3. Insert filaments into the pen. I used Gold (or Yellow), Black, Orange and Green color ABS filaments
  4. Draw the owl by tracing on the outline provided on the template. Watch the how-to video for reference.
  5. Assemble the parts together to complete the 3D owl ornament.


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

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LIX 3d pen
ABS filaments

Download and print out the 3D Pen Owl Template on a letter-size paper.


Some scenes abstracted from the video on how to draw an owl with LIX 3D pen.

3d pen owl drawing
3d pen heart drawing
3d pen owl drawing
3d pen owl drawing

Here are my experiences and thoughts after using the 3D pen:

1. Once you press the extrusion button of the 3D pen, the melted ABS plastic filament flew out quite fast (even though I am using the slower mode) from the tiny tip, it is so soft and wiggling so you will need some practices to get a better control and speed coordination between the flow and the movement of your hand.
2. On account of the short filaments refill, you will need to keep on refill it in order to cover a larger area, I find this refilling quite troublesome, hopefully, LIX will have a long continuous length of filaments in future.
3. Try to draw all the lines that are in the same color before switching filament color, changing color too frequent will cause more wastage.
4. I also find that the warm soft filament hardens quite fast, so if you need to adjust the object, do it immediately before it sets.
5. The filaments are cut-able by using a wire cutter, if you have lots of messy plastic frays on your 3D drawing, just trim them off with wire cutter, or melt it with the warmed pen tip.
6. If you have made any mistake during the drawing, just cut it off and redraw a new line to connect if possible.
7. Lastly, clean the head of the tip to get rid of the residue just before the drawing to keep the work neat. You may use a kitchen towel or tissue paper to clean it, I used my bare hand and do it fast so that it is not too warm to burn my fingers.

Beautiful shadow art created by the 3D owl simply shines the light to reveal it.

owl shadow art
3d pen owl drawing


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