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/Sewing/Beading (Manek) Tutorial – Part 1: Preparing The Frame& Canvas

Beading (Manek) Tutorial – Part 1: Preparing The Frame& Canvas

Beading (Manek) Tutorial – Part 1: Preparing The Frame& Canvas

June 18, 2009 /
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Ever since I posted my Kasut Manek (beaded shoes) here, I received several emails from readers around the world asking me how to do beading for it. I decided to post some comprehensive tutorials in this area to cover all-you-need-to-know-how-to-bead-a-Kasut-Manek.

These tutorials are going to split into 4 parts:

Here we are, at the very beginning among these tutorials: How to prepare your cross-stitch canvas…

You need:

  1. A wooden frame measuring 11″ x 14″, preferably softwood like pine so that you can press the thumb pins into it easily.
  2. A 16-count cross-stitch canvas, white color, 11″ x 14″. Sew a border of 3.5″ width with cotton fabric
  3. Some thumb pins
  4. The shoes-face shape of your foot size
  5. Pencil
prepare beaded shoes frame

If you can’t find the wooden frame, you can always substitute it with easy clip frames (38 x 30 cm) or with a big embroidery/quilt hoop of 14″ diameter. You will need to resize your canvas to suit the frame you choose, but the minimum working area must be 11″ x 14″.

As you work along the beading process, the tension of the cross-stitch canvas will get lax at some point in time, re-tensioning is necessary so that your beading work is even.

Now, come back to our thumb pins option…


Double-fold the 3.5″ border and pin down the thumb pins to secure it, 4 pins on the short side and 5 pins on the long side.


Complete all 4 sides and make sure you pull the canvas in tension while pinned down so that it is tight and firm.

prepare beaded shoes frame

Trace the outline of the shoes-face of your foot size with a pencil on your canvas. Mark the center-line. Trace both the right and left sides of your shoes-faces on top and bottom of the canvas respectively (just flip the paper pattern to change from left to right and vice-versa).  The pattern shown below is a simple casual thong-style sandal. There are several types of patterns for you to choose from, closed-toe, opened-toe, horizontal single-strap, horizontal double-straps, diagonal-straps, crossed-straps, and many more…..

Tracing beaded shoes kasut manek template

That’s it, now your framed canvas is ready for beading!!!!

Continue Part 2 – Border Beading…..


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