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Butterfly Fridge Magnet

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List down this easy-to-make Butterfly Fridge Magnet in your kid’s Summer Holiday craft-to-do-list (more kid’s crafts over here). It is quick to make and the butterfly came out so beautiful.

butterfly fridge magnet

Besides making the butterfly into a fridge magnet, you can glue it to other attachments as an ornament, eg: a butterfly photo frame, a butterfly paperweight, a butterfly keychain, or a butterfly pencil topper, you can even frame it up and hang it on the wall as a butterfly wall decor by itself too.

My 6-year-old son attended a holiday art camp during a short school term break. He came back with this beautiful butterfly which he learned from the teacher. He was super excited and told me that he wanted me to share it in Craft Passion so that others can do it too, how sweet he is!!!

pom pom butterfly

So here it is, the tutorial for making these Butterfly Fridge Magnets by using simple materials such as cardstock, craft/ice cream stick, pom-poms, chenille stem, googly eyes, and quick-dry glue.

Besides sharing the tutorial here, we made lots of butterfly fridge magnets during the weekend and gave them away to friends and family. We were greeted with happy faces and smiles from the receivers, this cheers up our lives instantly!!!

pom pom butterfly

Wish you have a lovely day always!!!

butterfly fridge magnet kid craft

How To Make Fridge Magnets
Butterfly Fridge Magnet

Download: Butterfly template

Materials and Tools: To make 1
1. Cardstock, at least 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
2. Craft Stick, approx 3″ long (1)
3. Pom-Pom, 1″ (1) and 1/2″ (4)
4. Googly eyes, approx. 3/8″ (2)
5. Chenille stem or Pipe cleaner, 1
6. Magnet, 1″
7. All-purpose adhesive, clear. I used UHU.
8. Scissors


Click the link to download the pdf template of the butterfly, resize it if needed otherwise do not scale it if you want the exact size. Print and cut out the template.
You may draw your own butterfly instead of using the template.

trace template

Fold the card stock into halve, and trace the template on the wrong side of the card.

cut butterfly

Cut and open it up to a full butterfly.

glue craft stick

Glue the craft stick to the center of the butterfly (on the right side).

glue pompom

Stick a bigger pom-pom at the top end of the craft stick, this is the head of the butterfly.
Bend the chenille stem into halve to make a “V” shape, and bend both ends. Glue it at the back of the pom-pom.

glue small pom poms

Glue 4 smaller pom-poms on the craft stick

glue eyes

Glue to attach the googly eyes on the butterfly’s head.

glue magnet

Turn the butterfly and glue a magnet to the bottom.
Leave the butterfly to dry completely before using them as a fridge magnet.


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