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Crochet Fish Pendant

Crochet Fish Pendant

October 23, 2018 /

crochet fish pendant
[Update: Due to popular demand from those who do not know how to crochet, I have made this “Crochet Fish Pendant” available in my online shop as a made-to-order item. Please allowed up to 2 weeks for it to be ready for shipment. Click here to order.]

You do not need fancy accessories to look trendy. Put on this simple crochet fish pendant necklace to spice up your daily casual wear.

I have been into minimalist fashion style all this while; without making my plain clothing looks dull and boring, I needed some accessories to cheer it up a little. While shopping for clothing and accessories, I came across a wooden fish pendant and I like it a lot. I presumed the wooden one (if it is a block of real wood) will be a lot heavier and might strain the neck after a long hour of wearing. That’s where I got the inspiration and came out with this crochet version of a fish pendant necklace, it is light and ergonomic, perfect for all-day wear.

easy fish crochet

Fish Pendant – Free Crochet Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

Brighten up your day with something simple and easy to crochet. This crochet fish pendant is crochet by raffia yarn (you can buy it here) or you can use your preferred yarn to make it. Please refer to the full list of materials and tools in the pattern section. It is the same as amigurumi crochet where it is crochet in a continuous round with single crochet stitch. The crochet fish pendant is then pressed and blocked with a warm iron to make it flat.

fish pendant

If you are not into clothing accessories, probably you may want to make this crochet fish pendant into a keychain. It is a great handmade gift for any occasion, especially for an angler who loves fishing with rod and lines. I made this 3 fish keychain for my daughter as per her request (oh no, she is not an angler, she just love to own everything I make). It is now on her school bag following her to school every weekday. Her friends named it the fishing keychain since it looks like the fish are being angling.

crochet fish charm

You may want to make them in different colors too. I can’t stop making them, it is so addictive, thus I ended up making them with all the colors in my raffia yarn collection. I will put them up in my store soon just in case you want to buy instead of crochet it by yourself.

raffia fish necklace

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

beautiful crochet fish

Have a nice day and Happy Crochet!

crochet fish jewellery


Crochet Fist Pendant

Crochet Pattern

Size: 3.5″ x 1.75″

Skill level: Easy

ch = chain
Inc = Increment stitch or 2sc
Inv Dec = Invisible Decrement stitch or 2sctog
Rnd = Round
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
st = stitch

Materials & Tools:
1. Crochet raffia yarn, Raffia With Passion
2. Crochet hook 2.5mm
3. Stitch marker
4. Tapestry needle
5. 3/8″ Buttons, 2
6. Warm iron
7. Leather cord

Crochet Pattern

in American crochet terms
This pattern begins from the tails and works toward the head


Tail 1
Rnd 1: 3sc in magic ring {3}
Rnd 2: Inc around {6}
Rnd 3: (sc, Inc) around {9}
Rnd 4: sc around {9}
Rnd 5: sc around, slst to the first stitch on this round {9}

Tail 2
Rnd 1 to Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 1 to Rnd 3 of Tail 1
Rnd 4 & 5: sc around {9}
continue next to include Tail 1 to make the body


Rnd 6: sc 4 in Tail 2, sc 9 in Tail 1, sc 5 in Tail 2 {18}
Rnd 7: (Inv Dec, sc) around {12}
Rnd 8: sc around {12}
Rnd 9: sc 2, (Inc, sc 3) 2 times, Inc, sc {15}
Rnd 10: (Inc, sc 4) around {18}
Rnd 11: sc 3, (Inc, sc 5) 2 times, Inc, sc 2 {21}
Rnd 12 to 15: sc around {21}
Rnd 16: (Inv Dec, sc 5) around {18}
Rnd 17: (sc, Inv Dec) around {12}
Rnd 18: (Inv Dec, sc 2) around {9}
Rnd 19: (sc, Inv Dec) around {6}
Rnd 20: Inv Dec around {3}
Ch 4 to encircle a loop for the hanging purpose
Leave a long yarn tail for sewing


1. Press the fish pendant with a warm iron to block it and flatten it.
2. Sew the yarn tail to the fish pendant to encircle a loop
3. Sew the buttons as eyes at both sides.
4. Weave in all ends. Trim yarn.
5. Make into a necklace with leather cord, or as a hanging ornament with keychain

More Details on how to crochet the Fish Pendant

fish1Gather all the materials and tools listed above.
This crochet fish pendant is crochet with raffia yarn, Raffia With Passion. However, you may try the crochet pattern with your other choice of yarn, as long as it can be blocked and pressed into a flat piece.


fish2Tail 1.


fish3Tail 1 and Tail 2.


fish4Join tail 1 and tail 2 at Rnd 6 to continue with the body.


fish5Follow the crochet pattern to complete the crochet fish pendant.


fish6Block and press it flat with a warm iron (medium heat setting, with or without steam).


fish7Sew the yarn tail to encircle a loop.


fish8Complete the crochet fish pendant by sewing the buttons on both sides as eyes.
Hide and trim yarn


Style it!

Tie a long leather cord to it to make a trendy necklace.

easy fish crochet

Or, chain a few of them to make a fish keychain.
Do you notice that I used the double head rivet button to make the eyes? Do you prefer metal eyes or wooden eyes?

fish pendant

How about trying out the crochet fish pendant with other colors?

Raffia With Passion has a wide range of color for you to choose from.

crochet fish charm

Happy crochet and have a nice day with a cuppa 🙂

crochet fish jewellery


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