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DIY Dice Game

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Today, I have a special guest tutor, Paper and the Pea, to show us how to DIY your own DICE GAME. The tutorial comes with the Doll printable that you can print out with a laser printer.

dice game

PaperAndThePea is a sister duo who love to create and make graphic and printable. Their blog has tons of free printable to download, be it for learning, crafting and just for fun. Go to their blog to find out more after this tutorial, I am sure you will fall in love with many of their projects.

Got to do the printing now, I have something to let my kids make and play for the weekend while I continue with my quilting and crochet, YAY!!! Thank you, Paper And The Pea for this great tutorial!!! **HAPPY**

play dice game

Hello, we are “Paper and the Pea”. We are excited to guest post here on Craft Passion! She is so talented. 🙂

Paper and the Pea specializes in free printables for kids, crafts, and fun. We are two sisters with three kids total all under the age of four!

Today’s little printable is perfect as a preschool matching game or it can be used to tell a story.

Below is a tutorial using blocks. But you can also use this printable on cardstock.

Dice Game

by Paper and the Pea
Download: Doll Dice Game printable
Print: Recommended for laser printers.

One dice will have all heads. The other dice will have all bodies.

Supply list:

• Decoupage (mod podge)
• Sponge brushes
• Scissors
• 2 pcs. of 1 inch unfinished blocks
• Paper and the Pea printable
• Optional/recommended gloves/sandwich bag to cover hands while you decoupage


1. Get ready the supplies needed as per the above list.


2. Download and print printable.
3. Cut out all the squares.

dice game

4. Using sponge brush – decoupage a light coating on the block and carefully place the square paper on the block. You can also decoupage the paper and paste it on the block. Make sure that the neck of the doll is lined up to the edge of the block.

dice game

5. Brush another coat a little more thickly this time on top of the paper.
6. Continue to do this for the other four bodies/heads leaving one space blank.
7. Let dry for 30 minutes on the blank space.
8. Do step 4-7 for 5 of the doll heads leaving a blank space. This time make sure the bottom of the necks lines up to the edge of the block. This ensures there are no gaps.
9. After the other sides have dried you can place the last piece on the block. Do this for the body block and then the head block.

dice game

10. Let dry for at least 24 hours before playing. Let dry on a side that is semi-dry. Do not let dry on a surface such as a piece of paper, or anything expensive.


Game rules:
• Roll the dice.
• Try to match the head with the same colored bowtie/burette to the same colored dress!
• This game can be played alone or with multiple people.
We also used the blocks as story cubes. My daughter and her little best friend simply enjoy changing the doll heads and clothing.

Hope you enjoy!

Paper and the Pea

diy game block

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Moey Poay Lai

Saturday 20th of July 2013

Wow...Can try for my nieces..keep them busy and three of them can share their time together during holidays... Thanks..


Sunday 14th of July 2013

Love this idea, simple and easy craft to keep the kids occupied :)

[email protected]

Sunday 14th of July 2013

That looks great!

mandy choong

Sunday 14th of July 2013

This is really fun, i shall make some for my kids. Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 13th of July 2013

Thanks Craft Passion for having us! :)

Craft Passion

Sunday 14th of July 2013

Indeed, I am glad to have you to show us this wonderful craft, you are so talented :)