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Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag

Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag

January 2, 2009 /
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Recently, I got into the mood of challenging myself to make a handbag. I was inspired since buying a “frame clutch gamaguchi purse” how-to book from Taiwan. I was totally thrilled by how pretty the handbags and purses were while browsing through the book. How can I resist not making one! At least one…. ah ha… but this question arose. Where can I get the materials, especially the metal frame clutch with ball closure? After weeks of searching and asking around, I finally found them. Waited weeks for them to come in as they were stuck at the custom for clearance since the officer haven’t seen it before and couldn’t classify which catergory of the tarrif codes to tax me. After all the hoo-ha, they finally released the parcel to me without imposing any tax, lucky me 🙂leaf2


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Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag - The Making Of
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