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How Does She?

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Oh my goodness, I was being spotlighted by “How Does She?“!!!! I feel like walking on the air….. Why? Read it here!
Thank you, Alison , for this honor 🙂 LOVE IT!!!

my favorite things stacked 1

About “How Does She?“….

Shelley Missy and Alison started because they were always asking each other, “How Does She do this, or How Does She do that”? They are trying to figure that out so their blog is dedicated to figuring out …just “How Does She” ?… How Does She craft? recycle? love her family? They love learning from others because while none of us are perfect, we all seem to be striving to become better. Better mothers, better wives, better women.

three about

So, who are they actually?

Here are a little about each of them:

*Shelley is a spunky mother of three and an interior design guru who manages to flirt with her husband while balancing twin babies, a toddler, and her coupon binder.

*Missy is a mother of three (with one on the way) who holds a degree in English and in ticking people off. She is also very talented at taking professional pictures…take a look, you will agree!

*Alison is a mother of four, a craft genius, and a bossy business savvy extraordinaire{{Shelly and Missy wrote that…I think they were trying to find a nice way to call me bossy}} who tries to find ways to make puke all over the carpet funny.

Go and browse through their site and you will drown yourself in their beautiful photos and tutorials and of course all the good stuffs to make a better us….

Just some highlights to make you all droll….

Alison recycled 2×4 wood block scraps into pretty decor –  stack-able photo / note holder

my favorite things stacked 1

more on 2×4 block’s ideas, click  this & this….

napkin dress 2

Shelley showed how to make this adorable Napkin Dresser. Aren’t they cute?

trap s3

Here is one for the St. Patrick’s day holiday:
Missy & her kids used girl scout boxes to make trap for catching leprechauns.

art display 7

And this one, a perfect method to display your child’s art into an ART!!!
“Alison, I should have found this earlier to keep and show my daughter’s virgin artworks.”

Haven’t got enough? Pop over to “How Does She?” for more 🙂


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Monday 4th of July 2011

Thank YOU for sharing our site with your readers! We love you too!

Jenni H B

Wednesday 17th of March 2010

That spotlight is exactly how I found out you & your blog existed! Love it, BTW...keep the ideas coming! =)

Craft Passion

Wednesday 17th of March 2010

Jenni, welcome to Craft Passion :)

Fay C.

Tuesday 16th of March 2010

congratulations! :-)

Craft Passion

Wednesday 17th of March 2010

thanks, Fay :)

Yenny C

Tuesday 16th of March 2010

don't fall down, when you walking on the air..Congrat!

Craft Passion

Wednesday 17th of March 2010

lol... ok, I will be extra careful when walking on air!!!