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Ice Cream Potong

Ice Cream Potong

September 9, 2011 /
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traditional ice cream potong

Remember the recent recipe of Red Azuki Bean Popsicle I made? And the story behind the traditional Ice Cream Potong which I adored eating and grew up with? I am so happy to find this long lost traditional “Ice Cream Potong” again just in my local township. I was attending a local community function, celebrating an early mid-autumn festival, to my surprise to find this man with his motorcycle selling Ice Cream Potong by the roadside.

I was overjoyed and thought that I should take some photos to show & tell. So…. here are the steps on how the popsicle is served the traditional way.

ice cream potong Motorcycle

Hubby and I each ordered one and we both chose red azuki bean flavor.

Cut ice cream block

The “uncle” took out a block of ice cream wrapped with plastic from the insulated tank. Cut it into a few pieces of rectangular shaped Ice Cream Potong (by the way, “potong” means cut in Malay).

ice cream potong 3

He inserted the wooden skewer into the rectangular-shaped popsicle. He told us that his fingers were crooked due to every day’s “ice poking” and not many people can stand the pain. {Think}… it is like poking a skewer into the stone-hard popsicle, maybe just a little softer than an ice cube.

ice cream potong 4

Peel off the plastic wrapper and serve before it melts in the warm weather here.

The yellow color popsicle is a sweet corn flavor. Equally tasty and most importantly, it brings back the nostalgic taste of my childhood.

ice cream potong 5

The red azuki bean and my half finish Ice Cream Potong. As sweet as my old-time memory, but, I still think that my red azuki bean popsicle recipe has a creamier taste and has more beans in it. Try out the recipe and tell me if you think the same.

The price for each is only RM1.00 each (about US$0.36), and you should know the reason why……

ice cream potong 7


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