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Little Penang Street Market – Part 2

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Weaving street market

Continue from Part 1… I have a confession to make, that I have been peculiar about weaving since childhood, don’t know why, but the interlacing between the warp and the weft threads is so harmonious that they hold each other into places, this is what I like about it. Whenever I was at Little Penang Street Market,  I would stand beside this foot-treadle floor loom and watch this lady demonstrating the weaving process. When she asked me if I wanted to have a try, I shied away, sigh! I was worried that my hand, foot, and eye coordination is so bad that I made a mess…. ha ha ha…. but I regretted it immediately after I turned her offer down. Next visit, I would definitely have a try on it, I promised.

Weaving Creations street market

The woven threads can be used to make various products, key-chain, bookmark, doll, vest, table runner, scarf, creative decoration like the rooster head in the photo, and many more…

Wire Craft street market

You are going to be amazed by the creativity of this guy. Watching his hand twisting and turning the aluminum wire by using only a pair of long-nose pliers. Look at the 3 little robots and all those tricycles he had made, I totally agreed that creativity is only limited by his imagination.

bag purse

This will be related to my next vital goal, to set up a stall there and promote my handmade, especially in bags. So….. I have to survey what has been around in the market and what can I offer to make a difference.  So far, I have seen lots of tote and recycled bags hanging around, kind of a hmm….. normal!!!  I think I should be able to make an exceptional shine if I were to “parade” all my bag’s creations there…. ha ha ha!!!! Agree with me?


Not only handmade, but there are also some stalls selling antiques and collectibles.  Among them, I like the tricycle the most, astonished by its detailing in the craftmanship – just look at the wheel and the chain, not to mention the metal carving on the passenger cart, the craftsmanship is just stunning. Worth the value to collect!!!!

Glass Painting

Looking for some nice and one of the kind glass decorations, search no more, just come to Little Penang Street Market, a place where you can buy handmade of various crafts. Glass painting in this stall is pretty and special, you can never find one of these in any department store, they are simply…. AWESOME!!!

heritage salvation

Here is another special stall I found and would like to share with you. This stall is selling wreckages salvaged from the rubble of abandoned heritage buildings and garnished them into some meaningful piece of decorations in the form of memorial plates. They were very old roof tiles collected from some dumping sites where the owners refurbished their historic buildings. Since George Town, the capital of a former British settlement of Penang, were being listed as Unesco Heritage Site in 2008, we are glad that the government is paying lots of attention to maintaining and preserving that previously inconspicuous architecture.


Honestly speaking, there are too many crafts and stalls to cover in just 2 posts. If you have a chance, come and visit Little Penang Street Market which is happening every last Sunday of the month, I am sure you will be delighted with the crafts displayed and sold here.

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Wei Jin

Friday 23rd of September 2011

hi there, i'm very interested with ur crafts. do u make all this? i'm searching for wired crafts at the moment n i really need it asap. do u have the wired trishaw in bulk? need it urgently. please contact me asap k. 012 485 0898 , n may i know where is the location of ur gallery?

Craft Passion

Friday 23rd of September 2011

They are not the crafts I made but the street market stalls I visited.


Monday 22nd of March 2010

Toda una belleza, Increible todo lo que se puede hacer con alambre.Me encanto la bicicleta. Besos.

Translation (by Google): All beautiful, just unbelievable what can be done with charm alambre.Me bike. Kisses.


Tuesday 4th of August 2009

If you are going to set up a stall there, I will be your first customer. Definitely your handicraft will outshine the rest. ;)

Craft Passion

Tuesday 4th of August 2009

Thank you so much for your support. I will sure give you a tinkle when I started my plan so you can save enough money to come back to Penang, visit me and my stall.