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/Blog/Mid-Autumn Festival: Lantern

Mid-Autumn Festival: Lantern

Mid-Autumn Festival: Lantern

September 12, 2011 /
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cellophane lantern

I remember I did a traditional cellophane lantern in my schooling year. When the Mid Autumn Festival was just around the corner, our Art & Craft teacher would ask us to make a lantern from all sorts of materials. In order to perfect the skill in making the cellophane lantern, I stopped over at a lantern shop on my way back home from school. I stood there for hours watching an old “sifu” (master) sitting on a stool while making the lantern. After the “spying” and learning, I happily went back and tried it out myself. Though the piece didn’t turn out nice I was very happy with the result done by my little hands.

angry bird cellophane lantern

Handmade Cellophane / Glass Paper Lantern is a sunset industry due to the tediousness and the skill needed to produce it. Not many youngsters are interested to learn and inherit the skill because it can’t make them a living. If I am able to find this special cellophane again, I will make a tutorial to show you how to make a traditional cellophane lantern.

car lantern

Do you remember the Pagoda lantern I made 2 years ago… gosh!!! Can’t believe that it has been 2 years!!! I am still using it at every Mooncake Festival. Browse through the above album and you will find some creative lanterns I found in my local township.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!

Red Round Lantern hanging high up by the roadside

Red Lantern


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