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Nur Salam Fundraising Night

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I am back in Penang again after spending a weekend in Kuala Lumpur for the Nur Salam Fundraising party….. which took place on the 11th of July 2009 at Carlos @ Pavillion. It was a successful fundraising party and raised more than RM105,000.00 for the charity. I had a good time enjoying the atmosphere of the party with my mum, sister, and friend. Among the events in the party, we watched performances from rock stars, gender illusionist shows, jokes, auctions, and Sumay (as Mistress Mara) spanking people to raise funds… etc, but nothing beats the moment when “The Dazzles” was successfully bid. BRAVO (round applause, please)!!!!

charity night1
Sumay holding up “The Dazzle” during the auction

The auction event started at around 10:30 pm and there was an abundance of items on the auction list, among them were 5 rounds on a Porsche Le-Mans at Sepang F1 circuit, a fitness course to build 6-pack abdominal muscle, dinner, and a date with a celebrity, traveling package, a collection of aged cigars, a box of limited edition wine, a piece of fine art, a gift pack of branded cosmetics and skincare…. and more.

I was nervous, was excited, and was crossing my fingers (and toes too) hoping that the next would be my contributed handmade bag. At the time near to 12 midnight, the emcee brought out “The Dazzles“…… I was breathless, speechless, and praying that someone will bid for it.

The reserved price is RM800, someone rose his hand… the emcee called “any RM850? I want to hear 850, 850….” again someone rose her hand (sorry, I can’t see who they were as I was far away from the stage)… “ANY 900? ANY 900…”  the emcee shouted… Out of my surprise, I heard a familiar voice shouted 1,200 and it was my sister who offered this price!!!!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it…. my sister offered RM1,200 to buy back my contributed handmade bag!!!!

charity night2
Sumay and me in front of Carlos @ Pavilion, see the paddle she was holding, it was her fundraising tool – spanking people to raise fund.

Did I ask my sister why, why with this price? She told me that she knows that it is my whole-hearted handmade which I spent so much time and hardwork on it, she wanted to buy it back and let me keep it!!!! I was so touched!!!! I was really speechless and motionless, I was teary-eyed!…. What else can I say? I am the luckiest people in the world to have all kind of supports from all around 🙂

The Dazzles” is finally back with me… I am glad, I am glad!!!!

charity night3
My sister, Christine and me (on the left) with “The Dazzles” the day after the party

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Tuesday 14th of July 2009

I am also very glad to hear the happy ending. It is like a drama to me. Hehehe! Btw, you and your sister look alike. Both are pretty women!

Craft Passion

Tuesday 14th of July 2009

F4T- I felt like I was dreaming during that time and still feel like dreaming until now ha ha ha.... too remarkable to believe yeah! Oh, thanks for the compliment, may be we inherited the good gene from our parents :)