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Weekender Short Pants Sewing Pattern

Weekender Short Pants Sewing Pattern

February 28, 2011 /

short pants pattern

This probably is the most “luxurious” & comfortable weekend short pants I have ever made for myself –  “The Weekender“.

It is a pair of fully lined above-the-knee shorts with elastic waistband. The underlining makes the short pants so stable that it prevents the tendency of “seating” through wear and also hiding away underwear lines.

I love the structure it gave because I find the “seat” is very “unsightly” and “untidy”, just imagine, excessive crumples across the thigh-line, not mentioning the “view” of underwear lines, yucks!!!!

short pants sewing pattern

The master copy of this short pants sewing pattern came from a pair of shorts I bought many years ago, a famous 4 letters brand that starts with an “N”. 

This pair of short pants was just an ordinary 1 layer short pants without underlining but priced sky-highly (oh yeah, I know I know, I have to pay for the brand name too).

One thing I like about it is, it’s comfortable with nice cutting…. at least my tummy looks “flat” when wearing Weekender Short Pants (this is why I bought it in the first place… LOL).

With some modifications to add in underlining, hidden pockets and decorative hems, it is now my most favorite weekend shorts of all. I wouldn’t stop at making only one!

adult weekend short pants sewing pattern


Weekender Short Pants Sewing Pattern

Pattern suits US size: 8-10 or hip measurement: 38-40″
Download sewing pattern:
For A0 size paper printing, click here (1 page).
For letter size paper printing, click here (14 pages).
Sewing skill: Advance beginner

1. Fabric (Main A – polka dot): 1¼ yard (42″ wide quilting weight cotton)
2. Fabric (Main B – stripe): ½ yard (42″ wide quilting weight cotton)
3. Lining (white): 1 yard (42″ wide quilting weight cotton)
4. 1″ wide elastic band, length: approx. 3″ lesser than wearer’s waist measurement.
5. Matching color sewing thread

1. Sewing machine
2. Letter size printer & 14 pcs of letter size paper & glue
or, A0 size printer & 1 pc of A0 size paper
3. Hot iron
4. Scissors
5. Sewing kits
6. Carbon and tracing wheel


shorts patternDownload the short pants sewing pdf pattern and print it out without scaling the printing, otherwise, the size won’t be correct.
For A0 size paper printing, click here (1 page).
For letter size paper printing, click here (14 pages). Glue pages together according to the numbers indicated on the corners.
Cut the patterns out.
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free here.}


short pantsFold the fabric lengthwise to become double layer with the wrong side facing each other. Place the paper pattern on top of it, pin.
Cut the fabric out according to the pattern (including seam allowance).
Trace sewing lines and markings on the fabric by using carbon and tracing wheel.


short pocketSew to join pocket Y & Z. Press with seam allowance facing pocket Y. Topstitch on the right side near the sewing line.


sew short with pocketPlace the pocket (with right side down) on the front pattern. Align the pocket markings & pin. Sew from mark to mark. Snip the seam allowance on the markings.


Invisible pocketTurn, press & topstitch near the pocket edge & ¼” from it.
Repeat the process on the other side of the front pattern.
Set aside.


short pants with pocketPlace pocket Y on the front lining, align marking. Fold seam allowance (right) and double topstitch it.
You may topstitch a line at the center of the pocket Y.
Baste side seam.
Repeat the process on the other side of the front lining pattern.


sew pocket with liningPlace pocket assembly (the front pattern) on the lining, right side facing each other. Align the marking.
Zig-zag stitch along the pocket curve & straight stitch on the top edge.


how to line short pantsFlip the lining so that it is on the wrong side of the front assembly, align all markings, baste on the seam allowance.
Check and make sure the pocket opening is away from the sewing line.
Baste back linings to back patterns as well.
{Tip: Don’t baste on the sewing lines but a little away from it so that taking them off later is easier and neater.}


split hem pantPin, sew & press the hems to the front and back patterns.
Fold top seam of the hem down, center up and bottom seam allowance down, sew the side seam of the hem.
Slit on the seam allowance of the split hem marking.


split hem shortsTurn the hem right side out & adjust the corner, press.


short pantsPlace front and back patterns with right side facing each other, align marking, pin & sew on the side seam.
Take note with reaching the pocket opening, make sure the opening is not caught in the sewing.
Mock flat fell seam or Welt seam the side.
For mock flat fell seam, you can either zig-zag stitch or overlock the raw edges.


sew split hemFinish the split on the hem with narrow satin stitch.


center seam & crotch curvePlace both assembled front and back pieces together with right side facing, align marking, pin and sew on the center seams.
Finish with either mock flat fell or welt seam.


inseam & crotch pointPress the top seams of the hem down, and bottom seam up.
Align crotch point and inseams, pin and sew. Neaten the raw edges by either zig-zag stitch or overlock them with a serger.
Remove all baste stitches.


how to sew short pantsTopstitch the hem near the top edge, below the seam line.


sew elastic waist shortsFold the waistband down with seam allowance hiding inside, press, pin and sew. Leave a 2½” opening at the back portion of the waist for elastic insertion.
Topstitch approx. 1/8″ from the top edge of the waistband.
Insert the elastic band into the pocket by using a safety pin.


how to sew elastic waistbandOverlap 1″ of the elastic ends, zig-zag stitch 2 vertical rows to join them up.


how to top stitch elastic band on short pantSew to close the opening. Spread the waistband over the elastic so that it is even. Pin it to secure the position.
Set the sewing machine to the longest stitch space, stretch the elastic & sew at ¼” from the bottom sew line.


adult weekend short pants sewing pattern


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