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DIY Glitter Star

DIY Glitter Star

December 7, 2009 /
diy star ornaments

I am having lots of fun applying glitter to Christmas ornaments this year.  You will see some glittering projects coming in a roll.
Since someone asked me how to DIY Glitter Star for the top of the Christmas Tree, I would like to kick-off with this tutorial!!!

star glitter foam main5

I was singing my daughter’s favorite lullaby while making it…laa laa laaaa la…

“Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle twinkle…..”

diy glitter star

You can transform these stars into Christmas Tree ornaments too, just apply some glue at the hole after pulling out the working floral wire, insert 2 ends of the string into the hole, add a little more glue if necessary. Let it dry and hang them onto the tree! That’s it, simple yay!!!!

DIY Glitter Star

1. Polystyrene stars (I used 20mm diameter and 40mm) of your desired size
2. Glitter powder
3. Craft glue / PVA glue / white glue
4. Floral wire gauge 22
5. Florist sponge

star glitter foam WIP1

Prepare and gather all the materials needed as listed above.

star glitter foam WIP2

Insert a floral wire into the star.
Apply glue generously on the foam but not too much until it drips.
Wait for about 5 minutes until it gets tacky. You can save time by applying glue to other stars during this waiting period.

star glitter foam WIP3

Dip the star into the glitter powder. You can also sprinkle the glitter powder onto the star, just put a piece of paper below to collect the glitter powder so that you don’t mess up with it. Switch off your fan too!
Inspect and make sure the star is fully covered by the glitter powder.
If not, dip or sprinkle again. Add glue if necessary.

star glitter foam WIP4

Dust of excessive glitter by gently knocking the floral wire against the hand.
Insert the wire onto a florist sponge, leave it there until the glue dries.
Don’t touch the glitters before they have dried.

diy glitter star

This is how many of DIY Glitter Star I have made in just a while!!!
Tip: Do 1 color at a time so that you won’t get all the glitters mixed up.


Pull out the working floral wire from the DIY Glitter Star, apply glue at the hole and insert the Christmas Tree’s floral wire into the star.

star glitter foam main5


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