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/Sewing/YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

January 28, 2016 /

Love this adorable and innocent-looking YoYo Plush Dog that can make many cute postures. My kids can sit down and play with the YoYo Plush Dog the whole day, it keeps them entertained for hours by trying out all kinds of funny posture for it to achieve. We would laugh and giggle seeing it being twisted here and there, giving us the gasping look with the stick-out tongue. I have captured some of its postures to show you but it can do more than that, just that sometimes photos can’t say the cuteness.

plush dog pattern

YoYo Plush Dog has turned itself into a Yoga master, see how well it can balance itself with the handstand…. or should I said nose stand? There aren’t any other external support to hold it this way. Yoga seems easy on him… I am envy!!!

yoyo dog doll pattern

This YoYo Plush Dog comes with a body and legs made out by oval-shaped yoyos. The yoyos allowed it to flex easily and the friction between the fabrics helps to maintain the posture. 3 sizes of oval-shaped yoyos were used on this plush dog, totaling 61 pcs of them. The pattern of oval-shaped yoyo is included in the pattern page too.

YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial

The size of YoYo Plush Dog is 11″ x 10″ when laying down flat. It is the right size for kids to hug and play with. if you are making it for baby and toddler, please replace the button eyes with felt so that the stuffed animal is choking hazard free.

The shoes are partly stuffed with plastic pellets to give some weight to make certain posture possible. You may use short grain rice just in case you can’t find the pellets.

dog toy pattern
“Sit, YoYo, Sit!!! Good Dog!”

YoYo Plush Dog is relaxing at home with his “Superdog” sleep-on-stomach style. With all of its four legs stretched out and heads level on the ground, it looks like it is flying through the air. YoYo Plush Dog is a super high-energy dog and gets motivated easily. It can spring up and get moving as soon as you need it to play you.

free stuffed dog pattern

Just can’t resist his big nose and the sticking out tongue, reminded of my late pet dog who has a brown nose and always love to sniff here and there with its big brown nose.

sew stuffed animal dog

Happy Sewing!

YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

YoYo Plush Dog Sewing Pattern

Yield: 11" Stuffed Dog
Active Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate /Advance Level
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

YoYo Plush Dog is a super high-energy dog and gets motivated easily. It is playful and gets moving as soon as you need it to play you.

Just can’t resist his big nose and the sticking-out tongue, reminded of my late pet dog who has a brown nose and always love to sniff here and there with its big brown nose.

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print separately: SEWING PATTERN


  • Fabric (scraps, various colors and prints): To make the oval-shaped yoyo as the body of the plush dog
  • Fabric (thick cotton, latte color): To make the head and tail of the plush dog
  • Fabric (cotton, dark brown): To make the shoes of the plush dog, fat quarters
  • Button eye 9mm, black, 2; or equivalent button
  • Felt: Pink, 2″ x 2″
  • Embroidery floss, black
  • String or cotton twine or yarn: As shoes lace and string to assembly the yoyo body
  • Batting, cotton
  • Polyester stuffing material
  • Plastic beads/stuffing pellets
  • Sewing threads (matching colors)
  • YoYo Plush Dog Pattern Template
  • Cards, for the template printing


  • Sewing machine or, you can hand-sew without a machine
  • Long sewing needle (about 2″) and pins
  • Tapestry needle, fine with big eye
  • Water Erasable Fabric Marker
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Blunt point tweezers or an awl
  • Printer



  1. Preparation:
    Get ready all the materials and tools as stated in the list above. I am using the fat quarters bundle for this YoYo Plush Dog pattern but scraps will be good as long as you like the colors and combination.
    Print and cut out the templates. The oval Yoyo template has inner and outer circle lines, the outer circle is for fabric while the inner circle is for yoyo dog
  2. Make Oval Yoyos:
    Trace the oval yoyo templates on the fabric stashes and cut out the following amount of pieces.
    Small Yoyo – 41 pcs.
    Medium Yoyo – 6 pcs.
    Large Yoyo – 14 pcs.
    Trace and cut the same amount of batting for the oval yoyo with the inner yoyo dog

    1. Place the batting at the center of the fabric, make a few stitches to secure it in place. Fold the edge of the fabric oval yoyo and sew running stitches along.
    2. Pull the thread to gather the edge, forming an oval yoyo.
    3. This is the flat side of the oval yoyo
    4. Repeat the same for all the oval yoyos.
    Set the oval yoyos yoyo dog
  3. Cut Dog Templates & Fabrics:
    Trace and cut out the plush dog pattern from fabrics. I used normal fabric for the inner ears instead of the thick yoyo dog

    Trace and cut out the shoe pattern from the fabrics of the plush dog. Cut 4 sets of them yoyo dog
  4. Sew Dog's Head:
    1. Place the nose fabric piece on the snout, pin. Turn the raw edge and slip stitch the nose fabric along the marking line. Leaving an opening at the snout seam allowance.
    2. Stuff the nose with polyester stuffing.
    3. Fold and sew up along the seam line under the nose.
    4. Turn and press the nose yoyo dog

    Sew the 2 crease lines on the snout above the yoyo dog

    Sew the ear-pieces together, clip curve on the seam allowance, turn the earpiece right side yoyo dog

    Align the markings, pin, and sew to assemble the headpieces and the earpieces of the plush dog. Clip curve on the seam yoyo dog

    Sew the head-piece and snout piece together. The top headpiece is ready to be sewn up with the bottom headpiece to complete the head of the plush dog. Clip curve on the seam yoyo dog

    Gather and sew the tongue of the plush yoyo dog

    1. Tag the tongue at the seam allowance below the nose as shown in the picture. Sew button eyes and brows on the top headpiece.
    2. With the right side together, align, pin, sew the top and bottom head pieces together. Leave an opening at the back of the head (c – c’ marking). Clip curve on the seam allowance. Turn the head-piece right side out.
    3. This is how it looks like from the bottom.
    4. Stuff the head firmly with polyester stuffing yoyo dog

    Sew to close the stuffing opening. Make a few stitches to and fro the tongue section, pull to set in the mouth of the plush dog.
    Set yoyo dog
  5. Sew Dog's Tail:
    Sew and stuffed the tail of the YoYo Plush Dog. Remember to clip curve on seam allowance before turning the tail right side out and stuff.
    Set yoyo dog
  6. Sew Shoes:
    Sew the shoe pieces together.
    1. This is 1 set of shoe piece
    2. Sew to join the long strip.
    3 & 4. Align the marking between the long strip and shoe piece. Snip to cut the seam allowance of the long piece on the corner marking, pin and sew around.
    5 & 6. Repeat the same to the other shoe piece, but this time you need to leave an opening at the top of the shoes. Clip curve on the seam yoyo dog

    Turn the shoe right side out from the opening.
    Stuff with plastic beads/stuffing pellets, followed by polyester stuffing material.
    Sew to close the yoyo dog

    Sew a shoelace on the shoe with cotton twine and tie a bow. The threading of the string to make the shoelace is the same way you would lace your yoyo dog
  7. Assemble:
    Assemble the foot of the YoYo Plush Dog.
    1. Gather 10 small yoyos and a shoe.
    2 & 3. Insert needle a little off-center of the yoyo, one by one until you have done all 10. Leave the string tail at least 4″ for tying.
    4. Run through the needle at the top part of the shoes as shown.
    5 & 6. Insert the needle back to the 10 small yoyos, a little away from the first stitch and center. Pull real hard to compact the yoyos together. Tie a dead yoyo dog

    This is how the foot of the YoYo Plush Dog looks like.
    Repeat the same to the rest of the yoyo dog

    Assemble the body of the YoYo Plush Dog, the same way as the foot assembly.
    Starting from the tail side of the plush dog – sew a little off-center of 1 small yoyo, followed by 1 medium yoyo, then 14 large yoyos, and end with 5 medium yoyos (the neck side).
    Leave the string tail about 5″ yoyo dog

    Sew the head of the plush dog, position as shown in the picture.
    Thread the string back to the tail through all the yoyos, again, a little off-center yoyo dog

    Pull the string really hard to compact all the yoyos together.
    Tie a dead knot.
    Hide string ends into the yoyo dog

    Tie the legs of the plush dog to the body at #6 yoyos and #16 yoyos from the yoyo dog

    Finally, sew and tie the tail at the center of #16 yoyos from the neck.
    Hide all string ends into the body of the plush yoyo dog

Look, YoYo Plush Dog can do some yoga postures and he has got the balancing quite well.

yoyo dog head stand

“Sit, YoYo, Sit!!! Good Dog!”

yoyo dog sits


Seam Allowance: Please refer to the pattern template.

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