Knitting Pattern: Halterneck Top For Little Girls

Great Summer Haltered Top For Little Girls

Great Summer Haltered Top For Little Girls

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Summer is coming for most part of the world, so as the knitting pattern of this summer cooling bareback haltered-neck top for little girl!!!!

My daughter loves it so much, she wish to wear it everyday but if only I made a few for her to interchange lol…. 6 months and it is still her foremost favorite top, this is ridiculous!!! She never likes anything for that long, you know kids….!!! I am planning to make another halterneck top for her…. a different one, so, she gets to wear it all year round in such a weather in Malaysia :) Sometimes it gets too hot and humid, makes me wish that I live in somewhere cold **mixed feeling….** :roll:

I finally finished writing the knitting pattern after 6 months, oh man!!! It took me so long to get every detail documented. The hard work and time spent is to assure one thing, CORRECTNESS!!!! I want to make sure that all the instructions are right and understandable…. I hope you give it a try, knit one for your daughter, nieces, friends’ daughters or neighbors as a gift. I am sure they will appreciate and like this top for the summer. I believe this summer will be warmer than before, so get ready with all your summer clothing and enjoy the sunbeam after a few months of freezing cold winter.

This pattern is meant for 4-6 years old girls or with chest measurement of 22 1/2″, but you can make it slightly bigger or smaller by using different tension.

halterneck knit pattern

{CLICK HERE to get the Knitting Pattern: Halterneck Top For Little Girls.}

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  1. Muchas gracias, El Top es precioso y me encanto el tutorial.

    Translation (by Google):
    Thank you very much, The Top is beautiful and I love the tutorial.

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  3. I like this design. I am very excited to try it in my own. Thanks for giving the guidelines on how to make it

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  5. I like this pattern a lot- nice job!
    I notice that lots not on – you should post it there so lots of knitters can find it.

  6. Hi,I;m new to this,could you tell me if this halter is make from the top down or bottom going up,and if its fro the top down do you knittin the 58 rounds on the stright needles,sorry

  7. Let me start out by saying I love this pattern…the top is super cute and I think my daughter will love it. That being said I am fairly new to knitting and have made it through until the collar rib section. I am totally lost ….I have the 50 stitches on my 4mm needle but I am confused by the cast on 17 sts…I could have done it totally wrong but I translated that as pick up stitches which is what I did for the arm ribbing and it worked out but I am not seeing any possible way to pickup 17 stitches for the neck. Even if I do have 17 then I am confused by the next row…if I have 17 then 50 and another 17 that makes 84 the next row says p26, p3 tog repeat 4 times across, p26 and that is only 64 sts…what am I missing here?? Maybe I just got in over my head but everything was looking good until I reached this point!

  8. I just wanted to say thank you I absolutely love your blog. I have recommended your page to several friends I stumbled on your page not quite sure how but I do know it was to see your little flowers and that lead to your lamp cover which lead to your tutorial on making the loopy trick forgot the name and now I’m in your knitting patterns. I have never attempted anything big (just washcloths for me and booties) but I am going to try your haltertop I love halters and I want to make one for my daughter… wish me luck and keep up the good work. I will be adding a link to your page on my website and facebook

  9. Ok so I was totally psyched to cast on :( lol I didn’t even get to the cast on and I was lost. Ok it says:
    With 3/0 crochet hook, cast on 80 sts with dummy yarn on 4mm knitting needle. Bind of.

    to cast on does it have to be with a crochet hook? (never done it that way so lost there) then it says to bind off? again I’m lost do I bind off or just switch yarn and continue. I’m sorry But I just wanted to be sure never tried something this big before I’m scared, excited did I mention scared lol!

    • Hi Christine,
      Use crochet hook to cast on the required stitches on the knitting needle. It is like doing chain, but yarn over on the knitting needle so that there are loops on the needle for you to knit. You can also substitute this method with other, as long as it makes a dummy round of base stitches.
      The base round is a dummy, after you finish cast on the required stitches, just fasten a knot and cut.
      Don’t worry, you are going to do well on this.

  10. This seems to be too large. At 22 st/4 inches 80 sts =5.5 = 14.5″.
    What are the final dimensions?

    • Before the elastic installation at the back for the haltered top, the chest measurement is about 27 1/2″ to 28 1/2″. Use elastic thread to shrink the back portion so that the finished top suit the wearer’s size.

      • Ok, and thanks for the reply. One other question:

        What do I do with the armhole rib and collar rib pieces?

        I would think I should sew them to the halter at some point, or how about just picking up stitches and knitting the rib around the armhole and collar>

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  13. I’m in love in knitting so I want to try out this pattern. Sorry, I know this is a silly question, but why did you have to do cast on with dummy yarn?? Thank you so much for sharing this pattern 😀

    • I cast on dummy yarn so that I take take out the yarn by pulling out the stitches, then put the loops back to knitting needle one by one when working on the waist ribbing. This will leave no junk at the seam.

  14. Hi, I have been trying to print from two different computers, the knitting instructions and can not get it to download – can you email me the instructions. Not sure what is wrong with the way it is on here. Hope you can help – would love to make this halter top for my granddaughters.

  15. Hi Joanne, thank you for sharing such a wonderful pattern. I am a new knitter and looking forward to try this pattern. My daughter is 10, I will need some adjustment, her shoulder to armpit measure is 7″ to start decreasing, any tips to do the decrease so the curve will be smooth?
    Thank you.

    • Is the chest measurement right for her in this pattern? If yes, you probably need to add another few more straight rows to make up the length. This pattern is flexible on the chest to armpit length, if the it a little too short, just don’t tie the halter strips too short. Hope this help.


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