How To Draw Hexagon For Quilt Block

draw hexagon

I can’t remember if I learned this during primary school, but I definitely remember the way my mum taught me while making hexagon quilt blanket for us… using a compass to draw…. My first lesson to sew a hexagon flower quilt block is to draw this cardboard hexagon templates. Till today, I still hear my mum’s voice mumbling in my ears….

“a perfect hexagon flower quilt block comes from precised hexagon templates”…..

Until I was a little older, I learned to use an angular ruler to draw hexagons in my formal education, like divide the 360° into 6 part in a circle etc…. But, I still love my mum’s way, with just a simple tool, a compass…. so straight forward and fool proof!!! If you are using computer aided software to generate hexagon template, this is one of the simplest methods…. just replace the compass with circles.

Draw your own size of hexagon template by using this tutorial to make your hexagon quilt.

different size of hexagons

{CLICK HERE to get the How To Draw Hexagon For Quilt Block Tutorial.}

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  1. Hola Muchas gracias por el tutorial para hacer el hexagono.
    Un abrazo.

    Translation (by Google):
    Hi Thanks for the tutorial to make the hexagon.
    A hug.

  2. thanks the tutorial is great…

  3. This is sooo great for custom sizes! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  4. Oh – this will be so helpful! I have been thinking of making a quilt of 10″ squares, but I’d love to make it of 10″ hexes instead. I love small hexies (I’ve gone down as small as 1/4″), but I think it would be really cool to have a Really Big Hex quilt.



  5. Wow! This is a surefire easy way to get it exactly right. I have struggled to make these for a long time and am not able to do it very well. With your tutorial I now feel comfident I will get it done right. Now I’m excited about making hexagons. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Wow….just came upon this after searching net for hours….. now I can make them in any size I want….. And to think, math was my best subject in school…lol. Thanks a lot.

  7. Check out out website,! We have precut hexagons…& lots of other shapes too!

  8. cool! This helps a lot! I have made them before; but not like this.

  9. Excellent! And thank you!

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