Purse Organizer Insert With Adjustable Divider

bag insert pattern

This is a last minute sewing project just before my departure to Taiwan, a purse organizer insert with adjustable divider for my camera and belongings during the traveling.

Actually, I can just buy a ready-made camera bag from the store, but I find them a little bulky. Well, because they give better protection with all the padded sponge which is good, the drawback of being excessively padded is that it can only offer limited storage space with it size. If I am going to put my camera, lenses & accessories, maps, passport, water tumbler, purse, scarf, cardigan and other necessities for a day-trip out, I will need quite a big camera bag to cater. After thinking thoroughly, I need to design something good for a bag to keep everything in place, organized, yet light-weight and with some degree of protection during the traveling.

Due to the photography equipment I need to carry through-out my 6-day trip, a lighter bag is a must so that it won’t add more burden to my shoulder. I found a perfect one on sale at Esprit, this oversize tote / hobo bag is light, soft and splash proof (faux leather) which is good for traveling. It has a large base, larger than my Canon 60D camera. The problem with a soft and light oversize bag is that it will slouch if heavy items are placed inside and everything goes chaos in it. So, a steady bag organizer insert is compulsory to keep the bag firm and everything in correct place. This is how and why I came out with the idea and design.

perfect bag insert

This organizer insert is not only good for camera, you can basically use it for any of your needs, just alter the divider position. Be it as a baby diaper bag, craft bag, even laptop bag, the usage is endless.

Adapt this tutorial to your preferred bag. Just take some measurements and do some maths, you will be able to build your own pattern. You may add some slip pockets to it to increase more compartments for teeny-tiny belongings.

bag insert pattern

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  1. Very nice!

  2. Maravilloso tutorial, Felicitaciones me encanto!!! 🙂

    Translation (by Google):
    Wonderful tutorial, I loved Congratulations! 🙂

  3. wow! I just found your blog (or refound? I think I might have been here before AGES ago). In any case – I am amazed by how detailed your directions are. this is amazing! Any chance you have directions for just lining a purse in general? I crochet’d up a really pretty one awhile back and would really like to line it. Any thoughts?

  4. I love your purse the one you made the organizer for, where did you get it/?

  5. love it, will put it on my list of things to sew!!

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  7. that is so cool! love it!!! thanks for the tutorial

  8. this is just awesome …….. love it

  9. This is exactly what I needed! I travel a lot and now know how to organize my stuf on the go. Thanks for sharing it with us and yes, you’re so genius:)

  10. you r really smart and your idea is brilliant thank you . when i made my own organizer i sewed the harsh layer of velcro on the body of the organizer, it was such a mistake as it capture any fabric and ruin it. any way the experience was ammazing…

  11. Great tutorial! You’ve been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

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  12. Omg I think you’re a craft goddess! I was looking for just the thing for my baby’s changing bag and found you after ages of searching … AWESOME!!! thanks for posting this =D

  13. Hi!
    Wow! Thanks for this tutorial. It’s excellent! Greetings from Venezuela!!!

  14. I’ve been reading your tutorials and using them to make bags.thank you so much for the detailed instructions and the accompanying pics.your blogs are amazing.thanks once again.

  15. I was looking for purse organizers and found your website and thought hey! a smaller version of that will work in a medium size purse.I can’t wait to start sewing.Now all I need is fabric……time to go shopping!

  16. Love the idea, saves having to carry my camera

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