Recycle Oil Pastels & Crayons

recycle oil pastel crayon
My kids love to doodle with oil pastels and crayons, though they are not a gifted artist but I love all the scribbles and drawings they have created. Looking at them fighting over the same piece of oil pastel gave me the idea to make some multicolored star-shaped pastels, so they can just pick a star and doodle with many colors.

star oil pastel

As I cut and fill the pastels into the mold, it creates lots of waste debris on my table, very small and can hardly pick up by hand. So, I collect them and pour into one of the molds. Surprisingly, it turns into a star dust with all the colors I have used. One glide at the tip will give stripes of colors, my daughter shouted out: “Mommy, it is like a rainbow! So beautiful!”

Star Dust Oil Pastel

Kids will be kids, they just like to fight over the same thing. When I remold the star pastel, I kept in mind to make sure that 2 stars must be identical in color and shape. Even with all my hard-work to try to duplicate the twin-star pastel, they still fight, sigh….. “Mom, I want that piece she is using, it has more red in it”, “Mom, not fair, my star is smaller…”, “Mom, sister used my star…”, “Mom…..” …… What can I say? Just love my kids the way they are… even sometimes they really made me steaming mad with all the mess and fights around. If you have kids like mine, welcome to my MOTHERHOOD….

5-in-1 color oil pastel

Get the tutorial on how to make the Colorful Star Pastel after this:

crayon remold

diy star shaped oil pastel

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  1. omg!!! this is awesome!! thank you so much for sharing!! Im gonna make it right now!! ur a goddess!! =)

  2. Just wanted to check if can use microwave instead of oven

  3. This method has not been tested in the microwave oven, so I am not sure the setting and timing.

  4. oh yes , this a project that i have in my to do list , from this site …….

  5. Royce, it is a good alternative suggestion. I like Make And Take too. However, muffin tin is not suitable for remolding 100% of Oil Pastels. It is difficult to come out from the tin.

  6. ok .thanks for the information , I will keep that in mind.

  7. Great Tutorial. Will try this out with a different mold to hopefully resist the breakage of a fragile star shape. Just curious, why do you make not to say your children are not gifted artists? Everyone progresses at a different rate and it is our intention that makes us unique not the product. Don’t you agree? Celebrate the process.

  8. How did you clean the silicon mold? Would it still be fit to use for food after using it with crayons? (Btw, your kids are adorable!)

  9. i m so xcited n feeling so good to saw these types of craft,projcts,work etc…i mean dis is awsome..there is no othr gud site i found as good ur site is so useful dat any1 can easily make these type f crfts without any problem….u dnt knw how much useful is dis site for me…n da main thing its freeeeeeee

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  11. we can use oilpastels also

  12. Hi may I ask whether melting the crayon/oil pastels in ovens result in producing toxic fumes/smell.
    If yes, would the smell/fumes make the oven not food safe?


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