Layered Ruffle Flower Crochet Pattern

crochet ruffle flower hair tie

If you have some stashed yarns piling up in your craft room, you may want to crochet this layered ruffle flower as a little gift to giveaway. This is a quick and easy project that you can finish within an hour. You may use this crochet layered ruffle flower to make hair-tie, brooch, and other hair accessories, and even as embellishment for your purse, bag, cushion, lampshade, clothes, hat or on a gift wrapping etc…..

ruffle flower pattern

It happens that I have some extra yarns from a little sling bag project (pattern to follow soon) I made for my friend, so, I crochet this flower into hair-ties for my friend and her 3 daughters. The hair-ties will be nice on them as they all have long and beautiful hairs like their mom. I hope the girls won’t fight over the sling bag as I only managed to crochet one and use the rest of the yarn for the matching hair-ties ha ha ha….

crochet flower hair tie

There are 2 versions of ruffle flower in this pattern, a full blossom crochet ruffle flower and a beaded crochet ruffle flower. If you happened to a little short of yarn just before completing a full blossom ruffle flower, you can always reduce and adjust the number of stitches of the last round of the pattern.

{Get pattern on Crochet Ruffle Flower Hair-Tie.}

crochet ruffle flowers pattern

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  2. My grandmother taught me the basic stitch for crocheting when I was 9 yrs old. I love the flower broach. I would like to learn how to chrochet thing again. It’s a dieing art. Can you guide me to where I might learn how to chrochet ?

  3. I was at Joann’s on Christmas Eve and saw advertisements for classes on crochet. There was a beginners class and ads for a couple of other classes that focused on specific projects such as afghans. If you dont have a Joann’s where you live, you might try the local craft store where ou live (not a Walmart) to see if any of the ladies that work there know how to crochet or where you might find refresher classes.

  4. I have recently picked up knitting again after 15 years and needed some help to remember how to do some of the stitches in the pattern instructions. I found the best place to learn was on you tube and it’s free! Just plug in how to ….in the search bar and you will see a demonstration of any particular stitch, pattern, etc. Whenever I get stuck its a huge help! Also, if you plug in knitting abbreviations or terminology it will give you a website where you can print them.

  5. Hi!
    I am an avid crocheter, and have many years experience with patterns. This is why I’m stumped as to why I cant figure this out!
    I am totally stuck on round 3. I know it says to sc in the stitch from round 1, but I really dont know where exactly to insert the hook. I’ve looked closely at the pictures, but it is blocked by the already finished chain 2 loops.
    I love this flower, and intend to embellish a vintage patterned hat with it.
    Any help would be so appreciated!

    • Hi Dana,
      If you look at the second picture (the one after making round 2), you will see the stitch holes between round 1 and round 2, that is the hole where your hook should go it to crochet the round 3.
      Hope this help 🙂 Happy crochet!

  6. I’m a beginner (crocheting about 6 months). It took me a while but I was determined and figured it out. Thank you very much for that pattern!

  7. These really are beautiful. 🙂

  8. Dear Joanne, I crocheted the first 5 rows and stuck on the last one. Could you please tell me, shouldn’t there be any sc to the base loops which are on the back (those one which we created in row 5). If I follow your pattern: *ch, tr on the chain loop, ch3 slst on the top loop of the tr, ch, tr on the same loop, repeat* and repeat it 12 times I get a veeeeery long line of loops and crochets but neither of them is connected to the base. This is because each consequent crochet is build on the previous one. Or I didn’t understand correctly your description? Could you please crarify this row?

    • Hi Okszana,
      There are 2 types of loops in R6. Those highlighted in bold is the base loop. The one that is not highlighted is the loop on the top of the tr stitch. Hope I make this clear and answered your question. Please let me know should you have any question.
      R6 – ch4, * ch, tr on the chain loop, ch3 slst on the top loop of the tr, ch, tr on the same loop, repeat * 12 times.
      Repeat 4 times to complete the 4 loops round, slst to the 4th ch at the beginning of the round.

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