Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

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It is December, it is time to counting down for Christmas, 19 days to go!!! The closer it gets, the more excited I will be!!! I have so many things to do and time is really clicking fast!!! I have my kids to help in making these easy salt dough ornaments. As the matter of fact…. the cleaning up of the “aftermath” is taking me more time :roll: However, I love to see them having fun in the process of making these salt dough ornaments, it sure was a “Memory Making” moment!

I modified the traditional recipe of the salt dough by replacing half portion of the plain flour to cornstarch. I find the modified recipe is more compact and solid, I love it! We made a few designs with the salt dough; plain ornaments, stamped ornaments, food colored ornaments, painted and glittered ornaments. My kids waited patiently for the salt dough ornaments to fully dried, hardened and cool down before they can paint and decorate the salt dough ornaments they have made.

The finished salt dough ornaments are not only good as the Christmas tree ornaments, you can basically hang them on your other Christmas decorations. You may also use it together with a gift tag in your gift wrappings.

Hope you enjoy every moment in preparing for the Christmas event!

{CLICK HERE to get the tutorial of “Easy Salt Dough Ornaments”.}

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  1. Great idea Joanne!
    I made some with my son tonight but found I had a lot of dough remaining. How long can I store/keep this dough to use again another time?
    Once the ornaments are baked, is there a shelf life time?
    Thanks for your wonderful creativity and generosity in sharing all your crafts with us :)

    • You may keep the dough in an airtight container and place it in the fridge for 24 hours.
      They are not permanent especially if you are living in a warm and humid country. It is the same as exposing cookies in open air, they will get stale, mold and mushy eventually. But, you can pro-long the life-time of the ornament but periodically drying them in the oven

  2. I want to do handprint ornaments in my son’s class. Will it stay soft enough for me to take it to school and have them put their handprints in it? I was planning on taking them all back home to bake them and then let them decorate them during their Christmas party.

    • You can place the dough in an air-tight container after kneading the dough. It should be OK if the container is completely sealed, just in case it get a little dry out, you may add a few tiny drops of water and knead again to soften it. It is fine for your trip back, just make sure that they don’t come into contact with water :)

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