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Make A Twiggy Christmas Tree

Make A Twiggy Christmas Tree

twigs christmas tress

It is the end of November, hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and families. End of November is also the time to countdown for the Christmas (hurray!!!). Have you started your Christmas crafting? Or, you have already finished all and enjoy the moment of waiting the day to come. Whatever it is, I hope you have the most delightful Christmas every year. If you need to find more crafts to make for Christmas, the list is here.

I made a Twiggy Christmas Tree a few days ago and would like to share the method with you all. I used some left-over decorative twigs but you can go to the wood to pick up some since it should be pretty easy to find some at this time.

This tutorial is easily adaptable to your liking, for example; if you like the Twiggy Christmas Tree a little compact, you can add more twigs in between; you may also re-size the Christmas tree to smaller or bigger tree; add some mini decorative ornaments and wind a mini garland to customize the look thus will add some details to it.

branch christmas tree

This is the fifth Christmas Tree I have made for Christmas, come after Kanzashi Christmas Tree, Amigurumi Christmas Tree, Pom-Pom Christmas Tree, and Mini Styrofoam Christmas Tree. Making Christmas tree fills the home with more holiday ambient and I love this feeling a lot, so calm and happy!

I think I will need to plan for some baking too…. gingerbread man, ginger snap, cupcakes, etc…. 😉 Happy crafting and baking, after all, it is a joyous thing to make for the home and family at the end of every year!!!

twigs branches christmas tree

Twiggy Christmas Tree

Finished size: approx. 8″ x 8″ x 18″ (D)
Make: 1

Materials & Tools:
1. Twigs (collect from wood or buy from store)
2. Wooden skewer (dye or paint it red)
3. Holiday Light (warm light), LED, battery operated, 180″ 45 lights, thin insulated copper wire.(I bought it from a local shop, SSF, if you can’t find it locally, buy it hereHoliday Light but it is slightly shorter and lesser LED)
4. Pruning shears or Secateurs
5. Hot glue gun
6. Ruler or measuring tape
7. Tin cans, 2 (to support the tree during assembly)


make a twiggy christmas treeCut 3 bigger twigs of about 6″. Make a triangle by staking and gluing the ends with hot glue.
Cut 16″ biggest twig as the tree trunk.
Cut a few 3″ twigs, stake them to support the tree trunk. You may add a few more after the assembly as the treetop might be off-balance with assorted twigs sticking on it.


make a twiggy christmas treePlace 2 tin cans or anything that can support the triangle twigs at a height of about 4″.
Place the tree trunk between them.
Cut 3pcs. of 12″ wooden skewer or straight twigs. Assemble them to make a pyramid tree structure shown in the picture.


make a twiggy christmas treeAdd a twig to support the trunk in between the triangle base. Again, you might need to adjust it after the full assembly, so don’t make the gluing too strong.


make a twiggy christmas treeCut and glue twigs aslant, all the way up to the treetop, with chunkier twigs at the bottom and thinner twigs at the top. Repeat on the other 2 sides.
You may glue the twigs closer to make a more compact tree.


make a twiggy christmas treeA basic twiggy Christmas tree is completed.
I added a few small twigs at the base as the tree is not balanced after the twigs assembly.
I also changed the center support to 3 twigs across the pyramid base to make it more center and upright.


red wooden skewerTo make the red star, cut 5 pcs. of a red wooden skewer to 3″ long.


make wooden skewer starAssemble them to make a star by gluing the ends together.


make a twiggy christmas treeGlue the star at the treetop.


battery operated LED lightsThis is the holiday Light (warm light), LED, battery operated, 180″ 45 lights, thin insulated copper wire.
I bought it from a local shop, SSF. If you can’t find it locally, buy it hereholiday light but it is slightly shorter and with lesser LEDs.


wind treeWind wire around the tree. Since it is an insulated copper wire, it can be wound snugly on the tree without losing the hold.


light on treePlug-in batteries to light up the LEDs!


make twigs christmas tree with lightsFind a nice small gift box and hide the battery pack inside it.
As I have mentioned above, this tree is easily adaptable, feel free to do anything on it, or, just leave it bare like mine 🙂
Merry Christmas!


twigs branches christmas tree


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