Crochet Star Stitch Tote

star stitch bag
It is a brand new year and let me start the year by sharing the crochet pattern and tutorial of this beautiful Star Stitch Tote, crochet from jute twine.

Star Stitch pattern is the recent inspiration I got from a Japanese magazine. On the first glance, I knew I got to crochet a project with this stitch, so I began to design a bag since months ago. I tried a few designs but they never get to the finish line, except this tote which I have gotten it perfected to my liking. I purposely split the rows of star with a row of single crochet in between, this give the star a better definition while create a stripy look on the tote.

jute crochet bag

I love the rustic presence of jute twine, it is pretty to be crochet into many projects, even a doily for the table. Additionally, crochet with jute twine is relatively cheaper than yarn, I bought the jute twine from a local dollar shop which cost something like US$1.50 each 100 yard (a roll). The project called for 250 yard so I need 3 rolls, the total cost is only about US$4.50. Darn cheap for a crochet tote!!!

crochet pattern jute twine tote

However, as you may know, natural jute twine has a light whiff of diesel, if you can’t take the smell please substitute it with other similar material. Likewise, jute twine is rough and hard, you may have some sore fingers if your tension is too tight. Aside from these 2 issue, I find that it is pretty fun to crochet with jute twine.

twine crochet bag

{Get pattern & tutorial on Crochet Star Stitch Tote.}


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  1. Beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

  2. Look forward to trying this bag. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait for trying this new pattern. Thanks so much

  4. This would be so nice for summer! Does the jute twine hurt your hands?

  5. I just completed the base, and although my hands are sore, I’m excited to complete it! I just wanted to clarify what you mean when you say to work on the right side only. Thank you! I love the bag!

    • The right side means the front side of the crochet work, no turning. Hope this explanation explained, otherwise, please let me know.

    • Did you have any problems with the base. Do you have any secrets for the base? I have ripped it out four times now because I can’t seem to get it to work and I feel as though I am following the pattern but obviously something is not clicking with me. Any helpful hints would be awesome! Thanks.

      • No secret, Tammy, just follow the crochet pattern. Best if you can show me a photo, please send thru contact form and attach the photo in jpg format. I will be away tomorrow for a week plus, email response will be slow, hopefully I can get it solved for you before embarking my trip.

      • When she says to repeat * 2 times, your really just doing those steps 2xs on that row, not 3. Also, I count out the stitches I’m supposed to end up with and make sure it matches the directions before I crochet it. It’s a little OCD but I’m not tear g out as many stiches.

  6. Anyone tried using cotton yarn for this bag? Or is that still too soft for this project?

  7. I’ve never worked with twine before, so this will be interesting! Is it 2 ply or 3 ply twine?

  8. I have tried starting this bag four times now and I have to keep ripping it out down to the first round. I simply cannot get the ends to work out and look like the picture. I feel as though I am following the pattern exactly but obviously I am doing something extremely wrong. If I don’t get the base to work, it will throw off the entire bag so I have to get the bottom correct before I can continue with the bag. I am very excited to get it completed but getting really frustrated that I can’t work out the ends. Where I get messed up is with the second row. When I single crochet 14 and then get to the end, my ends to do match up as to where the curve is to begin. I know this is not making any sense to you but I just hate ripping out and starting over again. UGH!

  9. what would be a reasonable yarn to substitute for the jute?

  10. I have just ordered some jute twine to try this as I love making bags! The gardening glove idea is a good one so will use that before I start!

  11. Thanks for great pattern ,It’s really beautiful .

  12. beautiful.

  13. I bought jute from a local craft shop and as I am crocheting the bag the jute smells oily. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the smell?

    • Ewww…. the jute twine does smell petroleum oil, just the matter of heavy or mild. After crochet, air it outdoor (under the shade) for a few days and see if it goes away. You may soak the bag in baking soda water, rinse out and air-dry. Spraying it with fabric freshener, “Febreze” for instant, to cover the oil smell. I hope this help.

  14. Hello, THANK YOU so much for sharing this lovely pattern of yours.!!!
    Row No 7 cannot get right though, I have done and undone it for over 3 times but the stitches cannot be done even though I am using a stitch marker. Could you please help? Regards from Greece.

    • I checked again on the pattern, it is correct. Perhaps the increment stitches “2sc in next sc” is easily confused with “sc in next 2 sts”. Take note of the pattern and do it carefully, you should be able to get through it.

      • THANK YOU so very much for your time and for sharing this amazing pattern..I will try it till I get it right.!!!
        God bless you for all.
        Kindest regards from Athens/Greece.

  15. Once for whatever reason I put hair conditioner on some jute twine. I think I had a shell necklace from the beach, and it was scratching me, so I used conditioner to make it soft. Perhaps you could use conditioner if it hurts your hands. Love the bag, wish I could crochet! I think I’ll show this to my mother-in-law, maybe she could make this awesome bag.

    • Thanks, Michelle, applying conditioner is a great idea. Will drill down on how to apply it on a ball of twine, perhaps I need to wind the twine into hank so that I have get it soak into the conditioner, wink and hang dry 🙂

  16. I love this pattern. I think this tote could be very versatile – a grocery bag, a purse, or even something to carry a laptop in. I just started the pattern last night, and I believe that I am having some of the same issues with the base as others have had. I realize the pattern is well written and straightforward, but I could always use more detail in the beginning because I want to make sure that I am doing things correct. Perhaps one clarification could help. On the first round, where there is the 3 sc, does that middle sc (the 2nd of the 3) always end up being at the top of the oval (on the non-joined side)? In other words, in rounds 3 and 4, does the 1 sc that sits between the 2 sets of 2 sc always sit on top of that 2nd of the initial 3 sc? This is how I have started it, but it appears that the join line is not as straight as what is shown in your picture. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the lovely pattern.

  17. Beautiful hand bag

  18. Thank you for this lovely handbag
    I had some difficulties at first with base but I surpassed it . I also used different yarn (I m from Egypt and I don’t exactly understand what is jute ) and it looked very nice .Pls if u can put a diagram for base it would be much easier to follow .

    Mariamr. From Egypt

  19. Hi Joanne, thanks for your wonderful blog, it’s really impressive and inspiring. So proud of you, my fellow country’woman’. I am trying out the star stitch tote bag, finished the based but it curls on one end. I counted the stitches on every row as I went along, would you be able to tell me where I went wrong. Thanks.

  20. Thanks for your reply. My photo is too big to be attached here and I don’t know how to change into JPEG format. So I decided to redo the base using tighter gauge, cos your comments refer to sore fingers, so I figured my stitches must be too loose. Got it right on 2nd attempt. Am trying to work out the body now. Will ask you for help again if I get stuck. Thanks.

  21. Has anyone ever tried using hemp?

  22. What stitch do I use to check the gauge? Because I’m not using jute twine, but 2 strands of regular cotton yarn. Thanks. 🙂

  23. Thanks 🙂
    I seem to be having am extra stitch in every bottom round of the star stitch. Cam you please help me out?

  24. Hi, could you tell me what the dimensions of the base of the bag are?

  25. Hi! Do you count slip stitch as part of stitch total? Thanks!

  26. Yeah,looks I counted the slip,stitch also.
    there is still some gap between the 1st and last star stitches. Can I whip stitch the gap closed?

  27. I am having trouble with row 9. Is there a mistake in the pattern? I have pulled apart that row 5 times. I only end up with 96 stitches.

    • The pattern is correct, I have checked a few times to confirm that. Did you get 86 stitches on Round 8? Otherwise, you could have missed out some of the stitches in Round 9. You should get 49 stitches by the time you work half way through round 9.

  28. Thank you. I will try again.

  29. Hello and thank you for this great pattern!

    My question is with the directions for the base. Most rounds give a series of directions and then indicate “repeat * twice” though I’ve been finding that only one repeat of the directions starting at * gets you back full circle to the place where you would slip stitch to the beginning chain 1. Am I supposed to keep going around again because if so I will no longer be where I need to in order to slip stitch to the starting chain 1.

    thanks for the help and can’t wait to get advancing with this pattern.

    • The repeat loop ends at the place just before it asks you to repeat. For example:
      “Rnd 2 – ch 1, *sc on next st, 2sc on next st, sc each on next 14 sts, 2sc on next st, repeat * 2 times, slst to the ch st at the beginning round. [38 sts]”
      It means the repeat loop is as indicated in bold text.

      • Thank you for your fast response and I’m sorry to say I still feel my question remains: while I now better understand all the steps a repeat entails I’m still confused as to why it says “repeat * 2 times” instead of repeat * 1 time, as only 1 repeat of the directions you placed in bold gets me back to the place where I can “slst to the ch at the beginning round” If I repeat 2 times as directed I will be half way around again for the second time in the one round.

        hope this clarifies my question and thank you again for your help.

        • Ok, I get your question better this time, sorry for not answering in my previous answer. When ithe pattern says repeat 2 times, it means that you do 2 times in total in that round. This is common instruction in written pattern, at least as what I have been using it all this while. Hope this help.

      • Oh! I absolutely adore this. It just makes me smile to look at it. The colorus are wonderful, and autumn has always been my favourite season of the year. Really, really lovely. I think I may try my hand at making something similar. Thanks for sharing this.

  30. Dear Joanne, thanks a lot for your generosity in sharing your patterns and ideas here. This is my first crochet project ever and I finally completed it. I even managed to sew a lining using the guide in your other projects. Had the privilege of giving it to a dear friend who is always blessing my family with her home cooked food. Thanks for your help. Its really a lovely bag and I will definitely make another one when I can afford the time. I managed to take a picture in jpeg format but I am still figuring out how to post or email you.

    • Hi Ang Nyee Nyee, I have received your picture sent via contact form. I must say that you did a wonderful job and adding the lining just has made your tote prettier. Well done, I hope you will let me share your picture in Craft Passion’s facebook page. Thanks!!!

  31. Hi and thanks for the pattern. I really appreciate the crafts you do.

    You describe round 3 as follows :
    Rnd 3 – ch1, *sc on next st, 2sc each on next 2 sts, sc each on next 14 sts, 2sc each on next 2 sts, repeat * 2 times, slst to the ch st at the beginning round. [46 sts]

    Wouldn’t that be …, sc each on next 16 sts,… instead ? Since round 2 has 14 sc on both sides and round 4 has 18. Plus, it would make the increments lining up.

  32. I just finished this bag and I think it’s beautiful! Also lined it and put a zipper closure and zippered pocket in the lining. I held 2 pieces of twine together through out the entire purse to make it extra strong. Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern. It was very easy to follow and it’s perfect!

  33. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I really love the bag and have gotten many compliments for it!

    Soaking the finished bag in a pail of water and baking soda now. Hopefully the petroleum smell goes away.

  34. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! I am attempting it with a rather thick yarn and a 9mm hook, kinda wanting to create a large beach bag!! Will let you know how it goes!!

  35. Thanks for the beautiful pattern! I do have one question, when doing the rounds with the Star Stitch, there is a quite a large gap when I sl st(to either chain 2 in the HDC or chain 3 in the Star st) to start a new round. Is that normal? Or if not, what could I be doing wrong?

  36. Hello, I want to make this in a different size, what is the multiple necessary for the star stitch? Is it multiple of 3 + 2? Thank you.

  37. Hi,
    Just finished the bag and it looks great. Used an acrylic DK yarn (two strands together) and a 5.5mm hook. Made it also a bit longer.
    The pattern is really clear except maybe the us of the “** repeat” abbreviation.
    “*…* repeat 2 times” means “[] 3 times” as “to repeat” means to do something again so the pattern might be a bit confusing.
    Thanks very much for this.

  38. This tote is lovely. Thanks for sharing. My question is do I keep going after I finish the base or is body a seperate piece and sewn together later?

  39. hi, i would like to know how i can make the base bigger?:-) sorry for my bad english

    • Hi Heidi,
      You will need to work it out on the increment at the corner of the base, add about 6 stitches at each round side of the base (total 12 stitches for 1 round). You will need to try it out, if it curls up, then probably you need to redo with more stitches, vice versa.

  40. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! xxx

  41. I want to try this beautiful pattern of yours.. i’m just wondering if i can attach a zipper or some other thing for closure?

  42. Beautiful tote. Want to make it. Is there a video tutorial?

  43. Hai…
    I don’t understand how to create a basic bag.
    After rnd 1, 34sts…why on the rnd 2 only 38sts?
    Is that a base made of a pcircular?

  44. Finished my tote! I had to rip the base out 5 times but finally got it. I love it. My husband said it looked like something I bought. I still need to line it. Thank you! I enjoyed it even though it was hard on my hands. I love how the twine works up!!

  45. Hi! I’m trying to make this bag using Lily Sugar and Cream yarn which also calls for a size H hook. After I was done making the bottom of the bag, I noticed it looked considerably small compared to the bag in your pictures. I’d like to double the width of the bag, how do i do this? Do I just double the number of stitches that are in between the increases on the ends? That doesn’t seem to work out for some reason.. I need your help!

    • Hi Jeannie,
      You are right on increasing the stitches in between the rounded ends to double the width of the bag. May I know how can I help you in this if you are still having problem with it.
      Happy crochet.

      • Wow! Did not expect to get such a quick reply. Thanks! I figured it out last night, doubled the number of chains and went from there. It worked out this time! The base is all done and I’m about halfway done with the side of the bag. Thanks for sharing a beautiful pattern, really appreciate it!

  46. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely pattern and great helpful feedback. Going to give it a try!

  47. Why am I not able to get the pattern? I love this but can’t get it. Please help. Thank you!

  48. Can anyone tell me the “ply” of twine being used? I am seeing different ones and not sure which ply works best for this project. Thank you!

  49. Well constructed with a lovely use of an old stitch pattern – thank you very much for posting

  50. Hey actually I’m a beginner and I really love this tote but I’m not able to make the base…I’m confused about the slip stitch and the first chain of the new round…and every time I end up doing something wrong and I had to rip the base like a thousand times till now…please could u send a video or some pictures for making the base?

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