Crochet Star Stitch Tote

star stitch bag
It is a brand new year and let me start the year by sharing the crochet pattern and tutorial of this beautiful Star Stitch Tote, crochet from jute twine.

Star Stitch pattern is the recent inspiration I got from a Japanese magazine. On the first glance, I knew I got to crochet a project with this stitch, so I began to design a bag since months ago. I tried a few designs but they never get to the finish line, except this tote which I have gotten it perfected to my liking. I purposely split the rows of star with a row of single crochet in between, this give the star a better definition while create a stripy look on the tote.

jute crochet bag

I love the rustic presence of jute twine, it is pretty to be crochet into many projects, even a doily for the table. Additionally, crochet with jute twine is relatively cheaper than yarn, I bought the jute twine from a local dollar shop which cost something like US$1.50 each 100 yard (a roll). The project called for 250 yard so I need 3 rolls, the total cost is only about US$4.50. Darn cheap for a crochet tote!!!

crochet pattern jute twine tote

However, as you may know, natural jute twine has a light whiff of diesel, if you can’t take the smell please substitute it with other similar material. Likewise, jute twine is rough and hard, you may have some sore fingers if your tension is too tight. Aside from these 2 issue, I find that it is pretty fun to crochet with jute twine.

twine crochet bag

{Get pattern & tutorial on Crochet Star Stitch Tote.}


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  1. Hi, i’m also having the same problem with Tammy.. i really love this bag, i got stuck in 6 & 7 rows (base pattern), the shape become irregular.. please help ?

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