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Curled Paper Star

Curled Paper Star

December 27, 2013 /

paper star
Let’s welcome the new year with some curled paper stars and wish upon a star that the new year will be a better year for everyone. Here are my new year quotes to all my lovely craft sisters or brothers:

Whatever you did last year, Do it better
Go step by step, One day at a time
Believe in your abilities at all times
Finish what you have started

curl star

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!!!! I literally ate too much, walked a bunch and stayed at home too little during the holiday; I was physically drained.

We had a great week where we spent a long weekend in Singapore with my family, visiting some of Singapore famous tourist attractions; and meeting ups old friends and relatives, updating each of our latest event of life. The kids had a wonderful time there and it sure was a memory-making trip for us.

paper star ornaments

After came back from the weekend trip and just before Christmas Day, I managed to steal some time to make these quick and easy curled paper stars.

These curled paper stars were such a hit recently, we see them everywhere, from the internet, on trees, on gift wraps, on Christmas stocking, on table’s centerpiece, in cars, even on the walls of the restaurants. I know I must make some and here they are, love the sheen on the curls 🙂

christmas star

Curled Paper Star

Tools & Materials:
1. Craft Paper with satin finishing
2. Scissors
3. Tacky Glueir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00178OTN8 or craft glue
4. Blunt point tweezers (optional, need this when making smaller star)
5. Toothpick (to curl paper and to apply glue dot)


diy-paper-star-11. Gather the tools and material as listed above. Cut 6 pieces of paper in a square. I am using 1 1/4″ square for the small star.
2. Fold the paper into halve diagonally. Fold into halve again.
3. Make 4 straight cuts parallel to the longest edge of the folded paper, leave a small gap at the end of the cutting. You will need to estimate the distance between the cutting lines, about 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 distant from the edge. Open the paper and you will have 4 square of flaps.
4. Use a toothpick to curl the corners of the flaps. #1 and #3 flaps facing up, #2 and #4 flaps facing down.


diy-paper-star-25. Apply dots of glue to the curled corners. If you are using tacky glue, you can stick the corners straight away. Depending on what paper you are using, if you are using normal craft glue, wait a while for the glue to get tacky a little for ease of adhesion.
6 – 9. Adhere the curled corners together by using blunt tweezers if your star is small. Hold them together for a while for better adhesion.


diy-paper-star-310. A completed curled segment of the star.
11. Repeat to make 6 of them.
12. Align them into 2 rows of 3 segments each. Arrange them in the same facing. Glue them side by side.


diy-paper-star-413 – 14. Glue the tips together.
15. Glue the 2 sets together.
16. Glue the sides of the 2 sets together.


diy-paper-star-517. A completed 6-point curled paper star. You can adapt the method to make 5-point, 7-point, and 8-point star too.
If you need to watch a video on how to do it, please watch the video below: making 5-point Christmas star with magazine paper. Thanks to Jenny to let me embed her video here.




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