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6 Amazing Tips For A Cheeky Bedroom

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Today, we have a special guest tutor, Jessica Christian of 4 Interior Design. Jessica Christian is going to show us how to create a cheeky bedroom with her 6 amazing tips. After reading it, I have more great ideas to further decorate my bedroom which I think is a little too plain for me. If you need more home interior design ideas, do visit her blog, 4 Interior Design, you will find tons of tips and inspirations.

amazing tips for cheeky bedroom

Hi! I am Jessica Christian; an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion for Home Decor! It is like my oxygen. I am crazy about crafts & DIYs. A big huge thanks to Joanne for letting my voice reach across you. She is a gem of a person.

If you want to liven up your bedroom, you could have an overhaul of your existing bed linen. By choosing some out-of-the-ordinary bed linen and then looking for the right accessories, you can end up with a lively bedroom that has a really cheeky, fun feel.

amazing tips for cheeky bedroom
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amazing tips for cheeky bedroom
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Bed Linen to suit a Theme
Decorate your bedroom with a theme in mind – a beach or seaside theme for example. Think of how you can re-create sand, sea, and sunshine with your bedlinen; the colors, textures, sounds and smells of the sea can be your inspiration. Or maybe your favorite movie star, your favorite city or country, nature, a country cottage bedroom, flowers, a futuristic theme, monochrome, jewels, or even your hobby – anything that interests you can inspire you.

themed bedroom design
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bed linen theme
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Change the Colour Scheme of your Bed Linen
Be daring and go for a complete change. Change the color scheme of your bed linen entirely, then get some pillows, cushions and rolled up fleece blankets to give your bed a completely different look. Be brave and adventurous; choose colors you wouldn’t necessarily go for straight away. You could arrange bed runners in colors that complement your bed linen; they are available plain or patterned. Or be enterprising and choose bold opposing colors. Be creative and experiment with throws, exotic blankets, and sheets.

modern bedroom design
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Create a beautiful Boudoir with Bed Linen
Create a sumptuous boudoir. Be as brazen as you dare and use red and black lace, or silk sheets to give an aura of passion and romance. Try sassy polka dots, shocking pink, feather boas, or crimson love hearts. Go for a mixture of textiles; velvet, velour, chenille, sequins, and jewels. Add lampshades, chandeliers, and other accessories to complete the look.

Create a beautiful Boudoir with Bed Linen
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Bed Linen with a Difference
Go for something entirely different and personal; create a cheeky bedroom using comic bed linen. Look for joke designs and slogans, and accessorize with pictures, framed comics, road signs, whatever makes you smile. Or match a joke theme with daring with black and silver bed linen, or more outrageous colors.

Choose bed linens in animal prints, such as tiger or giraffe, and then have fun accessorizing with animal pictures, paw prints, furry cushions, soft toys and so on. Or go for animal designs printed on your bed covers; jungle animals, pets, or your favorite sea animal – a dramatic diving dolphin or a cheeky meerkat.

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