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Appliques – Baby Pyjamas

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[Update Jan 2016: Just found out that Lollychops website is no longer valid. I have to remove all her links below. I am so sorry and you came here but can’t find the template which I used to link her website.]

I did some appliques on my baby new footed-pyjamas after being inspired by Lollychops and her lovely bunny templates. I downloaded this, this and this from her blog where she gave us free for hobby use. Thanks Lolly, they are so adorable!!!


I was working on them over the weekend and thought that I should finish them very fast. I was wrong, absolutely wrong in my estimation. I ended up spending 4 days to get them done, part-time, 4 hours a day, total 16 man-hours (or woman in my case :-)…. Getting the picture appliques done is quite fast, slightly more than a day will do. I thought that they were too plain as a baby pyjamas as I always like to think that baby garments should be colorful and cheerful. So I thought to add things around them.

I started off with the Bunny pyjamas, thinking of adding a few embroidery alphabets will be great. I began to embroider “baby bunny” onto it, ohhhh… it is so hard to do. First , I can’t put an embroidery hoop onto the pyjamas to stretch out the material. Without the hoop, it is difficult to get the precise sewing point. Then, the material of pyjamas is problematic as the tension has to be right. I have to redo it a few times. I told myself that it is a good experience and no more embroidery done on stretchy textile.


I moved on to the Bird pyjamas and this time no more embroidery, instead I did alpahbet appliques on it. “Tweet Tweet” was the first words in my mind and some melody notes jingling around will be lovely as well. This particular one was the most time-consuming among the appliqueing on the pyjamas. Look at the perimeter along the alphabets I have to work on….. It really is no joke that we need to exercise a lot of patience when come to craft, and it can easily lead toproject abandoncy :p

The outcome was favourable to what was on my mind, the time and patience spent was worth it. I love the look of the Bird Pyjamas than Bunny Pyjamas as it is more colourful and joyful though it took a little longer to finish it.


I did the same to my Mushroom Pyjamas. I love the two butterflies flying around the colourful mushrooms. I got them together with the mushroom templates downloaded from Lollychops’s blog.

I bought the pyjamas in slightly bigger size. Now, all I have to do is wait until my baby is big enough to put them on 🙂 Weekend is approaching again!!!! Sigh, time is really flying fast!!! My baby is 6 month-old and is about to taste his first solid food.

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Sunday 24th of April 2011

These are great!!! Where can I find the plain white pyjamas???

Craft Passion

Sunday 24th of April 2011

I bought them from baby department store but I believe there are some available in online shop such as amazon & ebay.


Wednesday 14th of October 2009

Super cute! you make everything look so easy!


Friday 10th of April 2009

Joanne - Thanks, I like your Easter basket too with Lolly's bunny on it :)

RM - Should I sell my craftwork? I have mixed feeling about this...

Ateliete - Plan to do some more in future. Just bought another few pieces of plain baby suits.

Claire - You are right, it is one of a kind baby suits!!!


Wednesday 8th of April 2009

Adorable! A great way to personalize a plain baby suit =)

Ateliete® - Doosjes, Bedankjes-en-CIA

Friday 3rd of April 2009

Oh those are VERY CUTE pyjamas... I love butterflies.Congratulations