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Fresh New Look Of My Tote Bag

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Finally, after a week of hardwork on the project of old Tote make-over, my old tote bag has a fresh new look!!!!

tote make-over

After the Tote-Make-Over,

Taa Daaaaa…

A “Daisy Tote”!!!!

This old tote was a crochet tote bag I made many years ago. It used to be my weekend bag when I would pair it up with loose and comfortable clothing. It is not a perfect bag as there aren’t any compartments in it to segregate things out and no zip pocket to keep valuable things. I spent quite a lot of time to crochet it and I don’t want to give it away, so I kept it in my wardrobe and think that I would think of something to do about it one day.

Time goes by and this poor little bag still lying in the deepest corner of my dark cold wardrobe. Its life will change, after years of freezing, I am going to give it a make-over. Yes, I am going to redecorate it and give it a fresh new look!!!

tote make-over
The plain crochet tote that needs a make-over.

This takes a lot more than my original plan and why it took me so long to finish it 😋. I was thinking of just crocheting a flower*** which I learned from a book named “Irish Crochet Lace Motifs“, sew onto it and sew a piece of simple internal lining with a zipped pocket.

Then, I need something to hold the milk bottle or thermoflask upright so that it won’t accidentally lay horizontal and cause liquids to leak out. If you experienced the leakage before you will know how messy it gets. I attached two elastic bands at the side of it to hold the bottles.

The plan of the tote make-over is not over as it still not enough to be a diaper bag. What about the diapers and wet tissue? I want them to be in a proper place so that I can access them easily. Again, another strip of elastic-band across the bag. I put a magnet button instead of dead stitching it for the elastic to hold the diaper and wet tissue independently. In the future, I can choose to accommodate wider things like books and don’t have to take the stitches out. Flexible and adaptable to whatever occasion huh~

magnet button in tote

This is how the internal looks like before I sew them into the tote.
Top: This is my diaper bag arrangement and it can transform into another bag.
Bottom: It will turn into this In the future when my baby grows up.
With this make-over plan, I believe this tote can last for years 🙂

tote make-over

As I work on it, the internal lining gets more and more elaborate. I want it to be my newborn baby’s diaper bag, the internal lining must look soft and comfortable, so I did some diagonal quilt sewings onto it with a piece of batting.

tote make-over

As usual, I put my beautiful label on the zipped pocket – “Handmade by Craftpassion” 🙂

tote make-over

I brought it out this morning for my 6 month-olds vaccination jabs and got these reactions from the clinic assistants. Their eyes stared at my daisy tote the moment I walked in and their eyes were watching the tote where ever I walked. Before I left, one of the clinic assistants finally articulated her desire and asked me where I bought this tote and it is so beautiful… 😃. I was so happy and felt like floating up to the sky and replied “Oh thanks, it is the only one in the world and it was handmade from me”. Their eyes turned so big like they don’t believe it and seconds later they asked if I am going to make another one and sell to them…. oh the gratification is more than words can say!!!! The wonders of a HANDMADE product are: no two pieces of works are identical and the admiration spurs me on to create more!

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Tuesday 7th of June 2011

So beautiful! Do you have the pattern to share? This would make a wonderful gift.


Thursday 2nd of April 2009

Thanks for all your kind words on my tote. I just can't stop using it now. Instead of being my baby's diaper bag, I am bringing it to work ha ha ha!!!

Joanne - I received your fabric, thanks. going to think of what to do with it :)

Rasa Malaysia - I am making something for you but not a bag :p Love your blog and cooking :)

Meg - Can't wait to see your bunny!

Arlette - We are both "bagaholic", I love your creation on bag too.

Carrie - take care and get lots of rest!

Arteliete - looking forward to see more of your porcelain dolls creations. I might make some bag for sale in future if I have time :) hopefully!

Food For Tots - I love your cooking and will cook for my kid one day with your yummy recipe.

Food For Tots

Thursday 2nd of April 2009

I am not a big fan in bags, but your "make-over" tote bag looks so impressive and trendy! I am so jealous of your talent!

Ateliete® - Doosjes, Bedankjes-en-CIA

Wednesday 1st of April 2009

Wowwwwwwww this is the most amazing baby's daiper bag that I have seen! CONGRATULATIONS!In the end of the story I was thinking about to ask you if you would do others baby's daiper bags to sell, ohhhhh desapointed hahahaha!CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR BABY, JUST MAMA ;) All the best for your family.Your comment in my block is VERY WELCOME, but I don't know why it was in my SPAM mailbox, jus read today :o/

I write also a little bit in english i my blog, first Dutch cause Im living in the Netherland, second in english and last but not least in português, my original language ;) Porcelain dolls are my passion.If some day I wanna buy something from you, how do I do??? Do you live in Malasya??Your bagsare WONDERFUL!!!Soo keep in touch, I'm following your blog ;)See yaElieteAteliete® - Cold Porcelin and Cia

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy

Wednesday 1st of April 2009

It is wonderful...I love is undeniably special! Your lucky little did a great job..Now back to bed for me.. Thanks for your kind words.

Stay Cozy, Carrie