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“Be My Valentine” Piggy Pillows

“Be My Valentine” Piggy Pillows

January 21, 2010 /
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piggy pillow

A few months ago, I received happy news from my childhood best friend that she was expecting twins (a girl and a boy). I was so excited over the good news that I decided to make 2 little gifts for the arrival of these 2 little angels. They were born end of last year and I visited them while my friend was still in a confinement center to recuperate from the childbirth via C-section. This pair of piggy pillows became the welcoming gifts to these cute little pair of a bundle of joys 😘

piggy pillows

The pillow is about 30cm x 24cm (12″ x 9.5″). I used pre-washed towels to sew them and made sure they were free from chemicals. I layered a high thread count fabric under the towels so that the poly-fill won’t escape out between the fibers.

piggy pillow

Those who ever tried their hand on 3D plush or stuffed animal designing would probably understand what I have gone through with this project. It was truly a challenging process to come out with these two little piggies. I tried to use the free downloadable software I found on the web, but it was not as user friendly as it claims. I gave up on the software subsequently after an hour of trying. By referring to a few books, I rather sketched my own simple pattern than using this look-easy-but-not-easy to use the software. There were lots of uncertainties as this was my first stuffed animal design, I kept on asking myself:  “will they look nice”, “will they look funny”, “what if they turn out ugly?” etc….. that self-create skepticism really left me with 2 nights of cold sweats. Did I say 2 nights? Or yeah, I spent 2 whole nights sewing them. The blue piggy took the longest as it was a first cum test piece, pink piggy is a lot easier as it is just a repetitive of what I have done, minus the mistake from which I have learned. Well, what can I say after completing them… I fell in love with this pair of “Be My Valentine – Piggy Pillow”… I will make another pair for my kids and this time I will share the pattern and more photos with you as well…. coming soon!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day – Every day is Valentine if you have “Love” in your heart!!!

Update: The tutorial and pattern are ready, click here to go there.

cute piggy pillow


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