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Kitty Coin Purse

Kitty Coin Purse

February 2, 2010 /

kitty coin purse pattern

I made this kitty coin purse for my absent-minded daughter who always lost or misplace her belongings. The size of the Kitty Coin Purse is just nice to keep some coins and small notes that she can put in her school uniform’s pocket. The dimension is 8.5cm (W) x 8cm (H) [3 1/4″ x 3″].

Like mother like daughter, I was an absent-minded kid myself too (looks like she inherited my bad gene, lol). Well, she lost the crochet purse I gave to her. She knew that she is in big trouble since I love that purse a lot (she begged me a few times before I agreed to give her while waiting for her new purse). That purse was a masterpiece that I am going to write the pattern out and share here one day. I had a mixed feeling when she told me that she has lost it at school. Sad that the purse is lost, happy that she expressed regrets about her carelessness and will try to be careful next time. With the blessing of God, she found it from the school’s lost and found department! I am happy, not because the purse is recovered but my daughter has learned to become a more responsible person! This incident has accelerated the process of getting this kitty coin purse done. I made them in 3 different color themes, 1 for her and 2 for spare, just in case she lost it again. **wink wink**

cat coin purse pattern

Originally, this Kitty Coin Purse was not the one in my mind, I wanted a tiger but it came out too cute, so… I ended up having a kitty instead!!! Why tiger? The upcoming Chinese New Year is a Tiger Year 🙂 Am trying one out now, hope I can make it looks more fierce!!! [Update: the Tiger Coin Purse free pattern is out for grab :)]

Well, let’s go to the tutorial on how to sew the Kitty Coin Purse!

Kitty Coin Purse Pattern

Pattern: Download pattern here.
Finished Dimension: 8.5cm (W) x 8cm (H) [3 1/4″ x 3″]

Materials & Tools:
1. Outer fabric, 10″ x 10″ (I used polar fleece)
2. Inner lining, 10″ x 10″
3. Zipper of your choice (4″ length)
4. Small pieces of fabric for embellishment
5. Short length of ribbon
6. Black nylon bristles (6 pcs. of 2 ” length). If you can’t find them, cut them from a black bottle brush
7. A pinch of poly-fill
8. Stiffest interfacing (4″ x 2″), or cardboard (2″ x 2″)
9. Embroidery flosses and needle
10. Hot glue gun


sew coin purseDownload and print out the pattern, then cut the template out from paper.
trace the pattern to the fabric.


Kitty WIP1Cut out the fabrics according to the pattern.
1. Outer fabric – pat. A (SL)x 2pcs, pat. C (SL) x 2pcs.
2. Inner lining – pat. A (SL) x 2pcs, pat. C (SL) x 2pcs.
3. Embellishment fabric – 1 pc. for each pat. B & D. Pat. B is the blot patch on the kitty’s face.
4. Fold the interfacing with the adhesive surface facing each other, iron it and let it cool. Cut pat. D (XSL) on the interfacing or cardboard.
Embroidery the nose and mouth on pat. D fabric.
Pat – Pattern
SL – with seamline
XSL- without seamline


Kitty WIP2Run some stitches along the mid of the seam allowance of the nose. Pull the thread to create gathers after complete sewing a circle.


Kitty WIP3 Insert some poly-fill into the nose. Put in the circle interfacing or cardboard to the top of the poly-fill.


Kitty WIP4Press the circle interfacing and pull the thread until tight and make a knot.


Kitty WIP5Position the bristles by inserting them between the gathers of the nose. Apply hot glue to hold them in place.


Kitty WIP6The right side of the nose.


Kitty WIP7Now, sew the blot patch on the kitty’s face. Slip stitch it then sew a line of running stitch on the surface about 2mm from the border.


sew coin purseSew the nose by using slip stitch.


sew coin purseEmbroidery the eyes.


sew coin purseWith the wrong side facing each other for pat. C (the ear), sew and turn the right side out. Use a turning tool or anything pointy to make the ear tip pointed.


sew coin purseAgain, just like the blot patch, sew a running stitch on the ears.


sew coin purseCut the zipper to 10cm (4″) length.
You can fold 2 pieces of fabrics and sew them to the ends of the zipper respectively [as shown] if you don’t want the zipper goes all the way from corner to corner.
Fold a short length of ribbon to half and sew it in place to make a tongue or hook for the key chain.


sew coin pursePosition the ears to the polar fleece and tack a few stitches to secure them in place.
Sandwich the zipper between the right side of the polar fleece and inner lining of pat. A. Make sure the right side of the zipper is facing the right side of the polar fleece or outer fabric. Sew a straight line across. Do the same to the other side of the zipper.


sew coin purseSew a line across the inter lining and zipper. If you are not using polar fleece but thinner material like cotton fabric, you can press the outer fabric together.


sew coin purseNext, time to join the polar fleece to polar fleece, inner lining to inner lining.
Position them with right side facing each other.


sew coin purseFold and hold the polar fleece/zipper/inner lining as shown in the photo, where the inner lining is folded while the polar fleece is lying flat.


sew coin purseSew a line from A to A and leave a space of about 2 ” at the inner lining. We are using this opening to turn the purse inside out.
Be careful not to sew the side of the ribbon tongue.


sew coin purseTurning the purse inside out. Grab the Polar Fleece from the opening and pull it out.
Push and arrangement all the corners nicely.


sew coin purseWhipstitch the opening.


sew coin purseDone! Apply some water to erase the marker and the Kitty Coin Purse is ready to be used.


kitty zipper coin purse


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