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Boy Pajamas Sewing Pattern (5-12yo)

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A few days ago, I shared the free sewing pattern on the girl pajamas; now, here is the boy version of the pajamas. The boy pajamas sewing pattern is similar to the girl pajamas; the difference between them is on the pockets, the front bottom piece, the hem, and an optionally hidden-button fly for the pants. Besides, I also changed the top button from 6 to 4 and the lace to piping.

boy pajamas pattern

Since both patterns are similar, the tutorial on the drafting and sewing part of the pajamas is not repeated here, read more on the Girl Pajamas Pattern & Tutorial. Instead, I am showing the installation of the piping (trim edge) on the pocket, from there you should be able to adapt the method to make the piping on the front piece of the pajamas as well as the hem of the pajama pants. In addition, I am sharing with you the way I sew the hidden-button fly for the pants (demonstrated on adult pants). If you already have some experience in garment sewing, perhaps this is not something new to you.

boy pajamas free pattern

Boy Pajamas Sewing Pattern

for age 5 to12 Year-Old

scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial

Cotton as one of the most breathable fabrics is the best choice to sew into pajamas. I used yarn-dye in gingham checks to sew this pajama for my son. This pajamas sewing pattern requires about 4 to 4.5 yards of fabric, some biased tape, buttons, and an elastic band to complete.

A sewing machine with matching thread is needed. We have a serger machine to overlock the raw seam edges, however, you may do it with zigzag stitches with an ordinary sewing machine. And, since the sewing is drafted using the actual body measurement of the wearer, you need to get ready with drafting supplies, like paper, pencil and ruler, and a measuring tape. Other tools you will need in sewing this boy pajama include carbon transfer paper and a tracing wheel, scissors, pins and needles, and iron for pressing.

boy pajamas sewing pattern

I can’t tell you how much my son loves this set of boy pajamas, even though now he has grown up a lot taller, he still insists on wearing this every night (I sewed 2 sets for him to alternate between wear and washing). He said the pajamas are very comfortable and bring sweet dreams to him every night because they are sewn by mama. What a sweet boy I have!

What’s Next

boy pajamas sewing pattern


Active Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $30 - $50

A few days ago, I have shared the free pattern on the girl pajamas, now, here is the boy version of pajamas. The boy pajamas pattern is similar to the girl pajamas, the difference between them is on the pockets, the front bottom piece, the hem and an optionally hidden button fly for the pants. Besides, I also changed the top’s button from 6 to 4 and lace to piping.

Download: Boy Pajamas Sewing Pattern


  • Cotton or linen-mix fabric, 42″ width x 130″ (5-7 yo), 141″ (8-10 yo), 160″ (11-12 yo) length
  • Biased Tape, 1/2″ wide, 2-yard length
  • Button, 1/2″ dia. x 4 pcs., 6 pcs if sewing for hidden-button fly
  • Elastic band, narrow width, 1 yard


  • Sewing machine with matching thread
  • Serger machine or zigzag stitch
  • Pattern drafting papers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Carbon and tracing wheel
  • Scissors
  • Sewing kits
  • Iron
  • 10. Safety pin



I have the detailed tutorial on drafting out the pattern and sewing up the pajamas posted in the Girl Pajamas Sewing Pattern (5 – 12 yo), please refer to that tutorial if needed.

How To Sew Pocket

  1. Cut the pocket pieces out from the fabric. The pattern calls for vertical grain on the bottom piece of the pocket but it is fine to use diagonal grain to add decorative elements to the pajamas.
    Cut the biased tape to the length same as the width of the pocket, including seam allowance.pajamas sewing pattern

  2. Fold and press the bias tape into half along the long side, and align the folded side 1/8″ to the seam line of the pocket.
    Sew it on the seam allowance to secure the position.
    Fold the pocket trim into halve, with the right side facing each other.
    Stitch up the sides until the intersection point.pajamas sewing pattern

  3. Position the trim onto the pocket, align the raw edges and sew only the bottom layer of the trim to the pocket. Do not sew the seam allowance of side edges to the trim.pajamas sewing pattern

  4. Turn the trim right-side out. Adjust the corners so that they are straight and nice.
    Fold the seam allowances inwards.
    Topstitch the trim in the ditch and the top edge.pajamas sewing pattern

  5. Place the whole pocket on the front piece of the pajamas, and position it according to the pattern. Flip the pocket down and sew the bottom to the pajamas.pajamas sewing pattern

  6. Flip the pocket up to its original position, pin and sew 1/8″ and 3/8″ from the edge respectively to the side and bottom edges.
    Sew the 1/8″ bias tap piping to the joint between the shoulder piece and bottom piece of the pajamas top as well as the bands at the hem of the pants.pajamas sewing pattern

How To Sew Hidden Button Fly

    1. A hidden-button fly is made up of 3 button-hole pieces (with 2 pieces in reverse facing) and a button piece, as shown in the picture.pajamas sewing pattern 
    2. Place the 2 button-hole pieces together with the right side facing each other, and sew them together on the straight edge. Turn them right-side out. Neaten the raw edges with a serger overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch. Place the 3rd button-hole piece (reverse facing) to the marking on the left-hand piece of pajama pants, with the right side facing each other. Sew them together on the straight edge, from the intersection point to the intersection point. Clip the seam allowance as shown in the button fly 
    3. Topstitch near the edge on both button-hole pieces. Make 1 or 2 buttonholes at an equal spacing between them. Place the loose button-hole piece to the pants, fly 
    4. Stitch the curved edge of the button-hole pieces together with the pants. Don’t sew the top edge yet. Set button fly 
    5. With the right-side facing each other, place the button piece to the right-hand piece of the pants, align and button fly 
    6. Fold the button piece into half and fold the raw edge inward. Stitch in the ditch from the front to make a tag for the hidden button fly. Now, you have the button-hold side and button side on the pants to make into the hidden button button fly 
    7. Align the center seam and match the crotch point. Pin and sew the pajama pants together, leaving out the hidden-button fly part. Neaten the raw button fly 
    8. Turn to the front and make 2 horizontal stitches to the top and bottom of the hidden button fly. Sew buttons and complete the rest of the sewing to finish up the button fly

    boy pajamas


    The sizing of the pajamas is for Asian builds so they could be too small for other races.

    I have the detailed tutorial on drafting out the pattern and sewing up the pajamas posted in the Girl Pajamas Sewing Pattern (5 – 12 yo), please refer to that tutorial if needed.

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